Dude! She kissed me. I'm scarred for life!
— Gavin to Sam Winchester

Gavin is the boyfriend of Kat.


Gavin and his girlfriend visit the asylum at night to see some ghosts. During their trip Gavin and Kat saw a room door, Gavin wanted to see what was behind it but Kat did not want to, so Gavin told her to wait. He entered the room and the door closed behind him. Gavin started looking around, he saw a figure in the shadows and mistook her with Kat, the figure went up to him and started to kiss him. After realizing that it is a ghost he started to flee until he passed out.

Sam found him on the floor, Gavin told him what had happened and they both went to Dean and Kat. Dean goes to find a room, Sam tries to lead the kids out, but finds they are trapped. He leaves Kat and Gavin with a shotgun to protect them, and responds to a phone call he thinks is from Dean.

Kat and Gavin are safely escorted from the asylum after Dean salts and burns Dr. Ellicott's corpse.


Trivia Edit

  • Gavin and Kat may have broken up, due to Kat informing him that this was her intention if they escaped the asylum alive.
  • Gavin shares his name with Gavin MacLeod, who was also a ghost for a time.
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