Gary Freleng was the first victim of a string of strange murders reminiscent of cartoon deaths. He had his heart burst through his chest in a cookie-cutter heart shape.

He and his wife had an open relationship. He used to sleep with Olivia Kopple, while his wife used to see her neighbor, P.J.


SPN 00480

Gary's elevated heart rate.

Season 8

Gary Freleng meets his mistress Olivia Kopple in the park. He admits that he didn't think she would come after the last time, and Olivia admits that she didn't think so either. As they hold hands, Olivia hears Gary's heart thumping. He clutches at his chest and Olivia stares in horror as his heart beats out against his skin and then erupts outward.



  • Gary is likely named after Bugs Bunny creator Friz Freleng.
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