Gary was one of the wendigo's victims.


Season 1Edit

Gary was one of Tommy Collins' friends, and went camping in the woods of Blackwater Ridge, Lost Creek, Colorado. He was playing a 3D-reality action game with Brad, and won the game. Brad got out of the tent to go to the bathroom, while Gary remained inside. Brad heard the sound of dry twigs being stepped on and some kind of a grunt, and saw a wendigo shortly thereafter. He screamed, which caught the attention. Gary puts his head out of the tent entrance, only to be caught by the Wendigo with Tommy. Gary was still alive inside the Wendigo's cave, and was hung with his hands tied up alongside Tommy. When the boys woke up, the wendigo approached Gary, and made him scream as the wendigo ripped apart his flesh. When Sam and Dean Winchester, with Tommy's brother and sister Ben and Haley, arrived to rescue him, there was no sign of Gary.[1]



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