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Gary's Coven refers to the coven established by three young witches Gary, Trevor and Nora.

History[edit | edit source]

Sometime in late 2009 or early 2010, Sam and Dean Winchester encountered a band of young but crafty witches in an unspecified town in Massachusetts. They have been practicing witchcraft in Gary's basement for at least a month before the hunters encountered them. Gary appeared to be the most knowledgeable among three and, with the help of a book created the plans to sell Dean to Hell. The witch accomplished this by performing a body-switching spell, which he cast consequently also presenting an opportunity for Sam's body to finally be host to the fallen archangel Lucifer.

During the confrontation, Sam and Dean independently found out about the witches. Dean overpowered and coerced Gary to undo the spell while Sam attempted to stop Trevor and Nora from collecting the bounty. Trevor proceeded to summon a demon, much to Sam's disdain, and notably, Nora's doubts. However, Trevor did not anticipate the demon would possess Nora and kill him. The demon then attempted to get Gary to say "yes" to Lucifer, thus enabling him to possess Sam's body, but Dean intervened. After a brief scuffle, Dean and Gary teamed up together to exorcise the demon back to Hell and Gary reversed the spell.

After the scuffle, Dean and Sam warned Gary that if he continued to dabble in witchcraft and demon activities, they would kill him. They also told the witch that Nora only joined the coven because she liked Gary. The coven's status is unknown, although it would appear to be defunct.

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