All right, guys, look -- about six months ago, I was outside Portland, Maine, hunting this big bad wolf. I took him down, but... He bit me in the process.
Garth describes his encounter with the werewolf to Sam and Dean Winchester
in Sharp Teeth

This unnamed werewolf was hunted by Garth Fitzgerald IV and was responsible for turning Garth into a werewolf as well.


In 2013, this werewolf's actions outside of Portland, Maine caught the attention of hunter Garth Fitzgerald IV. Garth managed to hunt him down and kill him, but in the process, the werewolf bit him. As a result, Garth became a werewolf himself.

Due to there being no cure, Garth's encounter with the werewolf led to him planning to commit suicide. Before Garth could, he was found by born werewolf Bess Myers who talked Garth out of it. Instead, Bess taught Garth how to control himself and he joined Jim Myers' pack.

About six months after Garth being bitten, he was tracked down by his friends Sam and Dean Winchester after he was caught feeding off of a cow. Exposed as a werewolf, Garth was forced to explain how he got bitten by a werewolf he hunted and turned into a werewolf himself to his friends.



  • Garth's encounter with this werewolf appears to have taken place during the time of the later episodes of Season 8. Garth is constantly missing during this time before Kevin Tran's kidnapping by Crowley, a fact that is commented upon later by the Winchesters.
  • Garth refers to this werewolf as a "big, bad wolf." This is presumably a reference to Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf from that fairytale.
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