No, no, no, no. Mr. Trickster does not like pretty-boy angels.
Game Show Host after sending Castiel away.
This Game Show Host appeared in one of Gabriel's TV realms.


After Sam and Dean ended up in a TV realm based on Dr. Sexy, M.D., they were sent to a Japanese game show named Nutcracker! in which both were (unwilling) contestants. The Game Show Host presented both brothers with a different question, first asking Sam - in his own native tongue - the name of the demon he chose over his own brother.

When Sam failed to understand and answer before the countdown was over, the Game Show Host revealed the answer was Ruby, and apologized and giggled behind his palm right before the pole positioned before Sam swung upwards and hit Sam between the legs, horrifying Dean while the crowd cheered.

After a commercial break, Castiel arrived and tried to free the brothers from the illusion, but the Game Show Host returned to the stage and sent him away. He told Dean seriously that the Trickster did not want the angel involved, referring to the angel as "a pretty boy".

The game resumed, this time focusing on Dean. The Game Show Host asked if Mary and John would still be alive if Sam was never born. Although initially unsure if he could answer, Dean used what little Japanese he knew to say "Yes", surprising the crowd along with the Game Show Host, who admitted with a loud cheer that Dean gave the correct answer, and declared Dean a champion.

Sam and Dean were later moved into another TV realm, with the Game Show Host never seen again.



  • Like Dr. Sexy, this Game Show Host might be based on a Japanese game show that exists in the Supernatural universe.
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