The Gaelic Obliteration Spell is a powerful spell to obliterate and reduce any intended target to ashes. Rowena MacLeod intended to use this spell to destroy Dean, but it was dispelled by the power of the Mark of Cain.

Procedure[edit | edit source]

Gaelic sigils

The user must paint their body with various Gaelic sigils (particularly on upper chest and arms). To obliterate the target, Gaelic verses must be recited:

A spioradí an tsaoil,
éistigí liom!
Díothaigh an fear seo!
Díothaigh go luaithreach é!

Rough Translation:

(To) All Spirits
Listen to me!
Destroy this man!
Destroy him to ashes!

After the incantation, the sigils will emit blinding violet rays. If cast properly, the body of the target will be reduced to ashes.

Drawbacks[edit | edit source]

So far, the only known drawback for this spell is the effect of negation from stronger power, such as the Mark of Cain, which gave Dean an immunity to the Gaelic magic as well as most other spells.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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