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Gabriel is an Archangel and the younger brother of Michael and Lucifer.

He is an alternate universe version of Gabriel.


Like the Main Universe Gabriel, he left Heaven millennia ago due to the fighting between his brothers and went into hiding on Earth as the Trickster.

His current fate is unknown, whether or not he is still active on Apocalypse World as the Trickster or died during the Apocalypse.

In 2018, when the Main Universe Gabriel encountered Michael, Michael was surprised to see his brother, but appeared pleased. However, he was able to quickly identify that it was not his universe's Gabriel and hence had no qualms fighting and eventually killing him.

If Gabriel did survive the Apocalypse, he died in 2020 when God destroyed the Multiverse.

Physical appearance

Gabriel's true form is similar to the main universe's version of the Archangel, as alternate Michael was able to recognize the latter, but he emanates a different aura.



  • His history is the same as the Gabriel of the Main Universe up until 1973 when the universes diverged.