Gabriel's death list is the death list created by Gabriel listing Loki's family in the order he intended to kill them in for revenge.


In 2018, following his escape from the Prince of Hell Asmodeus, Gabriel created the list as part of his revenge against Loki and his family.

After killing Fenrir, Gabriel crossed out Fenrir's name using his own blood.

After killing Narfi, Gabriel crossed out his name with a pen. Gabriel later showed the list to the Winchesters and explained how it was a death list of everyone he was planning to get revenge upon.

It is unknown what became of the list after Gabriel's death.



  • When Gabriel crosses off Fenrir's name, his finger is blocking the view of Loki's name, possibly to avoid spoiling the surprise of Loki's appearance.
  • The list goes Fenrir, Narfi, Sleipnir, Loki. This is the order they are ultimately killed in as well.
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