Gabriel's swords are four wooden katana-like swords created by the archangel Gabriel to kill Loki and his family.

History[edit | edit source]

After killing the Prince of Hell Asmodeus, Gabriel became determined to kill Loki and his family for revenge for the gods selling him to the Prince of Hell. Low on grace, Gabriel crafted the four wooden swords to use instead.

Upon tracking Fenrir to a liquor store in Central City, Colorado, Gabriel confronted him with one of his swords. A fight ensued in which Gabriel used the sword to strike at Fenrir while Fenrir targeted him with his claws. Finally, Gabriel managed to impale Fenrir through the heart with his sword, killing him, but not before Fenrir clawed his side open.

During Narfi and Sleipnir's attack on the Winchester's motel room, Gabriel impaled Narfi through the heart from behind with one of his swords, killing him. Gabriel then drew the sword he'd created for Sleipnir and threatened the other god with it, forcing him to retreat.

When Gabriel explained to the Winchesters about his history with Loki's family, Sam noted that Gabriel had four swords which caused Gabriel to explain about Loki's role in the events.

After Gabriel and the Winchesters arrived at the motel where Loki was living, a gunfight broke out with Sleipnir's Bodyguards in which Gabriel took Sleipnir's sword and Dean stole Loki's. After both bodyguards were killed and Sleipnir was wounded by Sam, Gabriel stood over him with the sword pressed against his chest. Though Sleipnir pleaded for his life, Gabriel refused and drove the sword through Sleipnir's heart, killing him.

In the penthouse, Dean confronted Loki with the last sword. When Loki got close to him, Dean attempted to drive the sword through Loki's heart only to learn that he was facing a projection of Loki that could hurt Dean while Dean couldn't hurt the projection.

Gabriel finally gets his revenge

In the hallway outside, Gabriel initially faced off with Loki armed with Sleipnir's sword, but discarded it in favor of fighting the old-fashioned way as the sword couldn't kill Loki. During the fight that followed, Dean managed to slide Gabriel the correct sword and Gabriel pinned Loki to the wall with the sword pressed against his chest. Gabriel eventually drove the sword through Loki's heart, killing him.

After the fight, Sam placed the case containing all four swords into the trunk of the Impala.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The swords have the appearance of a wooden katana. Each sword is designed to kill a specific god. Each sword has a different handle design and they are also possibly of different types of wood. A sword for one god cannot kill another, suggesting that Gabriel crafted each sword to target each god's specific weakness. When stabbed into the god in question's heart, the god is killed.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The swords appear to be a more weaponized version of the stakes used by hunters to kill pagan gods. When hunters use stakes in this way, they are often seen to require a specific type of wood and/or blood to kill different gods, likely explaining why Gabriel required four different swords.
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