Fritz was a member of the Thule Society.

Background Edit

Fritz was among a handful of Thules to participate in the plan to resurrect Adolf Hitler. He along with four others awaited at an airplane hanger for Commandant Nauhaus to arrive with the descendant of Hitler, Ellie Grant, who was required in the ritual.

Upon arrival, Nauhaus ordered Fritz to execute his son Christoph for his disobedience. Fritz dragged the heart broken Christoph into the distance and prepared a silenced hand gun to shoot the young man. He ordered Christoph to turn around, but before Fritz could shoot him, a call from his radio distracted him long enough for Christoph to battle for the gun.

Christoph took the gun but was kicked to the ground. Fritz attempted to attack some more but was shot dead by Christoph, who was left horrifed by the act. Fritz's body was later burned by the Winchesters and Ellie alongside the other dead Thules to prevent them from being resurrected.

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