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"Crazy Circles" by Bad Company
"Crazy Circles" by Bad Company
== Trivia ==
Mercedes McNab (Lucy) is better known for her role as Harmony in ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer ''and its spinoff, ''Angel'', in which she also played a vampire.
'''[[Dixon]]:''' "Can you think of a worse hell?"<br />
'''[[Dixon]]:''' "Can you think of a worse hell?"<br />

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Fresh Blood is the 7th episode of Season 3. It premiered on November 15th, 2007. <place lat="42.6525" lon="-73.7566667" width="300" height="200" zoom="8"></place>


Sam and Dean learn that a male vampire is using vampire blood to turn women into unsuspecting bloodsuckers. Meanwhile, Sam is being pursued by Gordon, who has escaped from jail and becomes a much more dangerous threat.


Full Synopsis

Opening Teaser (Location Unknown) Bela is walking to her car when notices someone behind her in the car window, it’s Gordon. Although she doesn’t recognize him by first glance, when he reveals his identity she recalls hearing of him being in jail. As she reaches in her car for her gun, she finds that Gordon has already snagged it. Putting a gun to her face, he tells her that he knows she was recently in Massachusetts with the Winchesters and demands to know where they are. Being the mercenary she is, Bela won’t even begin to squeal until a deal’s made. Gordon hesitating to shoot her offers up $3000 for the information. Bela says she won’t even get out of bed for $3000. However she notices on his belt buckle a priceless mojo bag over a century old. She agrees to call it an even trade for the mojo bag. Gordon agrees and Bela immediately calls up Dean to find out where they are.

Warehouse Sam and Dean are hunting down a vampire running loose in the warehouse. One guy is seen on the floor bleeding to death with a huge bite on the side of his neck. The boys continue to chase after the vampire. Dean takes a machete and slices a huge opening in his skin and blood starts oozing down his arm. He then yells out to the vampire “Smell that, come and get it!” At that moment, we see a female vampire appear in the distance and charges after Dean. Dean is quick to respond injecting her with a dose of dead man’s blood, seeming to enjoy the moment very much knocking her unconscious on the floor as Sam walks into the room.

She wakes up to find herself tied to a chair as the boys are standing over her. The demand to know where her vampire nest is and she tells them she doesn’t know what they’re talking about. She tells them her name is Lucy and that she was at this bar named Spider and there was a guy who put a few drops of some kind of red drug in her drink. She said she gets so hungry and that the feeling won’t wear off. She said the sunshine hurts her skin and she can hear other people’s blood pumping. The boys tell her that what she drank was vampire’s blood and that she’s become a vampire. Sam and Dean talk in the other room for a second and agree that they don’t have a choice but to kill her. Dean takes his machete back in to Lucy and decapitates her.

Hospital: Gordon and Kubric speak with the guy who survived Lucy’s attack at the warehouse. He doesn’t provide much information about her except that she attacked him and then bit him. But he does tell them that two guys were who fit the description of the Winchester brothers.

Spider, the club: The boys are walking out Spider’s bar where all three victims were last reported being seen before the attack. As they are walking out, they see a blonde across the street being taken around the back corner of an alley with another guy. Sam and Dean follow them to find out the guy is about to give her a dose of vampire's blood. The boys manage to throw in a few punches before she ingests any blood. The girl runs off and the boys follow after the vampire only to end up trapped on the other end of the alley by Gordon and Kubrick with their guns aimed. As soon the boys catch a glimpse of them, they run for their lives while Gordon and Kubrick are firing bullet after bullet every which way at them. Dean tells Sam to run for it while he heads them off. Dean runs across the alley with Kubrick following after him. Gordon still attempting to go after Sam gets sidetracked when he falls victim to the vampire and is knocked unconscious.

Motel: Dean arrives back at the hotel and the two of them are trying to figure out not only how Gordon got out of jail but how he knew where they were. Then it just dawned on Dean that the other day when Bela called, it wasn’t to thank him for saving her ass. He gives Bela a call and she tells him that Gordon paid her to tell him where they were and that he had a gun to her head. Dean in his deepest, most serious voice tells her that if they make it out of this alive the first thing he’s going to do is kill her and hangs up.

Location Unknown: Gordon wakes up to find himself inside the vampire nest with the two other blonde girls tied up. We find out that the vampire has been injecting people with his blood to extend the vampire family so that his kind won’t become extinct. The vampire decides to turn Gordon into a vampire and holds his cut to Gordon's as he lays there defenseless on a table.

Motel: The boys are in the room sharpening their blades and agree that Gordon’s not getting away this time because he won’t stop until their dead or he’s dead, they’re left with no other choice. Dean receives another call from Bela telling him that out of the goodness of her heart and the fact that she’d rather he didn’t kill her she used a talking board to contact the other side to find out Gordon’s exact location. She tells them he’s in a two story warehouse near the riverfront with a neon sign outside and also that the spirits had a message to pass on, “Leave town, run like hell, and don’t go after Gordon.”

Warehouse: Gordon wakes up to find himself tied up like the other girls. He manages to the break the chains loose from the ceiling and escapes. He walks down the alley on the side of the warehouse and sees a man changing a tire on his car. As he stars at the guy he gets that hungry vampire feeling in his system. Gordon tries to fight it, but he can hear the guy’s blood pumping louder and louder as his teeth turn to fangs. The guy gets inside the car to find Gordon in the backseat and is attacked. He blood spews all over the foggy windows.

The boys arrive at the warehouse to find Dixon standing alone in the room with the two blonde girls dead hanging from the ceiling still tied up. They realize that Dixon turned Gordon into a vampire and realize that he’s made Gordon more dangerous to them than he’s ever been in the past. Gordon then heads over to Kubrick’s trailer and tells him that he’s been turned into a monster and that he’s going to have to kill him, but not until he kills Sam Winchester. Gordon tells Kubrick it’s the one good thing that can come out of this nightmare. However Kubrick attempts to stab Gordon dead at that moment, but Gordon is quick to respond and grabs the blade and stabs him leaving him for dead on the floor of his trailer.

Back at the motel, Dean tells Sam he’s going after Gordon alone. Sam refuses to let him go off by himself because he’ll get himself killed, but as usual Dean doesn’t care because he’s the guy who had nothing left to lose since he’s dead already. Sam has finally had it and tells Dean to drop the act; he can see right through it that he’s scared because his year’s running out. He’s still going to hell, and he’s freaked. He knows this because Dean’s his big brother whom he’s been looking up to since he was four and Sam knows this is exactly how Dean acts when he’s terrified and he really doesn’t blame Dean, but he wishes that Dean would just drop the act and be his big brother again. Dean finally agrees to wait out the night with Sam in the motel or until Gordon shows up. After a couple of hours waiting, Dean’s phone rings and Gordon tells them that he’s got a girl tied up and he’ll kill her if they’re not at the warehouse in 20 minutes.

The boys arrive at the warehouse to find the girl tied up on the floor. They untie her and attempt to escape. However they are sidetracked when a garage door slams down between them and Sam gets trapped inside. At that moment the lights blackout and Sam knows Gordon’s in the room. Sam takes out his blade ready to finish him. Dean desperately tries to break through the door but fails and is distracted when he realizes that the girl Gordon had tied up has been turned into a vampire and attacks him. Dean is quick to respond and fires a shot from the colt and she falls dead on the ground. Inside, Sam is trying to defend himself in pitch darkness while Gordon is eyeballing Sam with his red vampire eyes and verbally taunting him. He tells Sam that he’s got two final good deeds, killing him and then killing himself. At that moment Gordon charges after Sam breaking through the wall into the next room. Dean enters to the rescue attempting to fire another bullet from the colt, but Gordon attacks him and attempts to turn Dean into a vampire. Sam grabs a strand of razor wire from the table and strangles Gordon until he’s decapitated. The boys walk out of the warehouse as we see Gordon’s body propped up on its knees leaning against a large tube and his head lying on the ground.

It's daylight, and the boys are chilling out off the side of a back road, having a few beers. Dean’s fixing up the Impala, and decides to give Sam an auto shop lesson, explaining to him the different parts of the car and insists that he fix the rattling noise the car is making. Sam is shocked that Dean would let him go near the hood of the car because he barely lets him drive it. Deans tells him that he’s going to need to know these things down the line and besides, it’s his job to show his little brother the ropes. Dean hands Sam the wrench and as he’s working on the car, Dean nods in confidence that everything’s going to be okay.

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"Crazy Circles" by Bad Company


Mercedes McNab (Lucy) is better known for her role as Harmony in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff, Angel, in which she also played a vampire.


Dixon: "Can you think of a worse hell?"
Dean: "Well, there's Hell.

Sam: Yeah, I've been following you around my entire life. I mean I've been looking up to you since I was four, Dean. Studying you. Trying to be just like my big brother. So yeah I know you. Better than anyone else in the entire world. And this is exactly how you act when your terrified. And I can't blame you it's just...

Dean: What?

Sam: I wish you would drop the show and be my brother again 'cause... Just 'cause.

Dean: What do you want me to do, Sam, huh? Sit around all day writing sad poems about how I'm gonna die? You know what? I got one, what rhymes with SHUT UP SAM.