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Freeman Daggett was a janitor at a hospital.



Being lonely and paranoid, he brought home corpses from the hospital and set them up in a macabre birthday celebration in his bomb shelter. He then committed suicide by overdosing on horse tranquilizers. Each leap year on February 29 following his death, he would capture and kill anyone in the house to continue his "celebration," giving him the nickname the "Leap Year Ghost." This combined with the spirits of the corpses he stole from the hospital, who remain in the house as a Death Echo, give Morton House its reputation as the most haunted house in America.[1]

Season 3[]

Dagget's ghost.

In the house, Daggett captures first Corbett and then Sam. He kills Corbett, but Dean rescues Sam. Corbett becomes a Death Echo until Ed Zeddmore uses their emotional connection to free him. Corbett is then able to vanquish Freeman Daggett.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Teleportation - He was a powerful teleporter, apparently able to teleport people with him as he made Sam disappear in the blink of an eye and got Corbett into the bomb shelter without the cabinet in front of the door being moved.
  • Super Strength - Having a big stature, Daggett was likely already very strong as a human. As a ghost, he was able to easily overpower and throw around people.
  • Telekinesis - He was able to seal every exit in his house.
  • Electromagnetic Interference - His presence electronically interfered with the Ghostfacers' electronic equipment.
  • Clairsentience - He was able to sense that Corbett's ghost entered the room.


  • Ghosts - Other ghosts are able to destroy him, as Corbett's spirit was able to permanently destroy him after a brief fight.
  • Salt - He is vulnerable to being banished momentarily by being shot with salt, he also couldn't cross over a salt circle.
  • Iron - Being a ghost, he naturally couldn't touch or cross iron.