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The Free Folks of the Fields, or simply The Fields was a religious cult that active in 1960s in Moyer, Missouri. It was lead by Caleb Fells, until his death. Even after his death, the cult is still active, albeit the members now are ghosts. The Shadow People, even retained the pack mentality from the cult and inheriting cult ideals about chaos, anarchy, and social disorder.


Founded at 1960s by a hippie-turned preacher Caleb Fells in Moyer, Missouri. The cult was gained attention among townfolks. The cult later accepted membership from any rebellous youngs and runaways from across United States. Eventually, in 1968, the cult has around 24 to as high estimated around 70 members.

The cult, aside of spreading their teachings (mixed from hippie life and various religious aspects), they also involved with drugs, smuggling activities, and later, explosives. In aftermath of mass murder-suicide, the police found a significant stockpile of marijuana, LSD, magic mushrooms, among other things in their stash.

The cult was never disbanded, even by death of their members. When the cult members committed mass murder-suicide perperated by Caleb, the organization still intact, even its hierarchy. According to Barry, the hierarchy of membership still intact, as when Deke appeared and possessed Dean to show in front of him and Sam, Barry referred him as one of Council Leader of the organization.

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