Fred's got juice, I mean an average psychokinetic can move things with his mind, but a guy like Fred, you get him worked up, he can reshape reality.
Sam speaks to Castiel about Fred
in Hunteri Heroici

Fred Jones is an enhanced human being with the power of telekinesis, and a highly advanced form of reality warping.[1]


Early History

About twenty years ago, John Winchester, along with Sam and Dean, investigated Fred, and found him to be an incredibly powerful, but good natured, Psychic. He was most notable to Sam and Dean for giving them their first beer.

In the present day, he had long since been moved in a retirement home. He had buried himself in his own consciousness, barely interacting with or responding to his physical and social environment. In his mind, he thinks often of cartoons, watching and replaying them in his thoughts. Fred said he "always loved them as a kid". Unfortunately, he began subconsciously using his powers, to alter reality around him, making the natural world act like that of a cartoon.

Season 8

After an incident, Gary Freleng informed the person in charge of the retirement, Dr. Dwight Mahoney. Dr. Mahoney soon began misusing Fred's powers to rob the relatives of the residents. He justified it by saying he was really stealing only from the children who bunked them in the home and rarely visited, while he looked after them. As Dwight allowed Fred to continue with his telekinetic abilities, several people in the vicinity began to die in a comic fashion, albeit unintentionally.

This then caught the attention of Sam, Dean and Castiel, who investigated the case. Sam then realizes Fred is one of the elderly in the retirement home. The three hunters try to pull Fred from his subconscious, and at the same time, stop Dr. Mahoney from his thievery. While Dean gave chase to Dr. Mahoney, Sam and Castiel managed to contact Fred by entering his mind. There they convinced him to re-enter the real world and take control. Fred, now conscious of the real world, then used his powers to prevent Dr. Mahoney from killing Dean. He then put a stop to Dr. Mahoney by telekinetically pointing the pistol at its owner's head, remarking "you will never hurt anyone again."

After this, knowing he would lose control again, asked that the hunters put a stop to him. Castiel suggested that he could remove the psychokinesis, which, however, would possibly damage Fred. Fred agrees and Castiel removed the elderly's powers. This seemed to change Fred's state of mind, leaving him unresponsive, but Castiel noted that Fred was happy and content with his decision, and that Fred was now listening to music instead.

Season 14

In the episode Nightmare Logic, after encountering manifestations of people's fears, Sam suggests that the comatose Mr. Rawling could be like Fred in that he's a powerful psychic warping reality around him. However, Mr. Rawling turns out to be a victim of the true culprit, an enhanced djinn.

Powers and Abilities

Fred Jones was a very powerful psychic. However, upon his agreement, all his abilities were stripped by Castiel, to prevent him ever losing control of them again. Before that, he possessed the following abilities:

Jones using telekinesis.

Jones, Castiel and Sam.

  • Advanced Telekinesis - Fred can move objects and people with his mind because he doesn't want to get up, such as chairs and his pills and drinks. He was able to use this power to force a man to commit suicide by making him point his own gun at his head and fire.
  • Advanced Reality Warping - Fred bears a high form of reality warping. He projected numerous classical/iconic cartoon circumstances into the real world, like levitating after walking off a cliff, someone's heart bulging out of someone's chest, and a symphony of birds circulating around someone's head. The effect of his power is not focused, as it affected everything around him enough to encompass an entire town, during which the natural laws are replaced by 'cartoon physics'. However, everything quickly reverts to normal, often reaping detrimental results for recipients (e.g. a guy who got flattened by an anvil would have only been rendered into a flattened state, but after Fred's power ended, he was crushed into a bloody mass). How his power functions, however, is that he has to require the use of his psychic power to do so.
  • Electrokinesis - Fred could change TV channels with a gesture.



  • Fred Jones was described as an aging mentalist with a slippery grasp on reality. [2]
  • Fred Jones shares his name with Fred Jones, one of the members of Mystery Incorporated in the Scooby-Doo cartoon franchise, a reference to his connection to cartoons.


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