Frank Kellogg was a beat cop in Pike Creek. After the cover up of the murders of Sarah and her son, he moved away.


Frank Kellogg was a beat cop in Pike Creek. In 2009, Nick's wife Sarah called the police to report a prowler. Frank arrived at her house and met the demon Abraxas, who possessed him. In Frank's body, Abraxas brutally murdered Sarah and her son Teddy with a hammer before leaving Frank in his police cruiser, covered in blood.

Season 14 Edit

After the death of Lucifer, Nick began investigating his family's murder. After talking to Diane Fargo, the crime reporter that covered the case, he learned that the cop who was assigned to Nick's neighborhood was Frank. Nick tortured Frank and he finally confessed about his encounter with Abraxas and his memory lapse before waking up covered in blood. Nick realized that Lucifer knew the name Abraxas and that Abraxas was a demon who had possessed Frank. Nick recognized that the murders were not Frank's fault, but beat him to death anyway as it was his hands that Abraxas used to murder Sarah and Teddy.


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