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Frank's hard drive is the hard drive of conspiracy theorist and hunter Frank Devereaux.


After the apparent death of Frank Devereaux, the drive fell into the hands of the Leviathans, in particular, their leader Dick Roman. In an attempt to learn what Frank knows about the Winchesters from the drive, Dick hires hacker Charlie Bradbury to decrypt the drive. Charlie's efforts cause the drive to send out a warning to the Winchesters who decide to get it back after learning that the information on the drive could compromise them.

After about a day of hacking, Charlie is able to break into the drive. After seeing the folder entitled Richard Roman Enterprises, Charlie gives into temptation and opens the folder despite Dick's orders to bring the decrypted drive directly to him. From Frank's notes within the folder, Charlie learns about the Leviathans, borax and Dick Roman's role in everything. Initially thinking Frank to simply be crazy, Charlie seeks out her boss Pete only to witness the Leviathan Tarrell killing and replacing Pete, confirming the information on the drive. In a panic, Charlie flees Richard Roman Enterprises, leaving the drive behind.

After encountering the Winchesters in her apartment, the three are able to prove they are human by splashing themselves with borax and the Winchesters further explain about the drive, how they found it and the Leviathans. Charlie agrees to help them hack into Dick's email to learn more about what he is up to while at the same time erasing the Winchesters from the drive.

During the Raid on Richard Roman Enterprises, Charlie sends the contents of the drive along with Dick's hacked emails to the Winchesters before spending the next couple of hours removing all information on the Winchesters and the Leviathans from the hard drive. Charlie finishes just before Dick shows up for a progress report and is able to fool him with the lack of information currently on the drive. Dick orders Charlie to copy all the data to him before being distracted by a phone call from Victor, giving Charlie a chance to flee.

It is unknown what ultimately happened to the physical hard drive. Charlie may have taken it with her and given it to the Winchesters or abandoned it at Richard Roman Enterprises since all of the data had already been copied to the Winchesters, the dangerous information erased and thus the physical drive was of no more use to anyone.


The drive is stated to contain all the information Frank knows about the Winchesters, including their aliases and the location of the Impala. Some of the folders are entitled March of Dimes, Clones, Monsters, Known Facts and Richard Roman Enterprises. The latter folder contains all of the information Frank has on the Leviathans and Dick Roman in particular.

The hard drive is heavily encrypted and when attempted to be hacked, can mock the hacker with Frank's voice and mess with their computer, possibly infecting it with a virus. In his paranoia, Frank programed the drive to send a warning email to the Winchesters if anyone attempted to hack it and equipped it with a GPS tracker so that it could be found if it was ever stolen. As an additional protection feature, Frank programed the drive to hack into the webcam of anyone trying to hack it, and transmit or at least record video of the hacker accessible to the Winchesters through the email so they could see who had the drive.



  • Frank's email suggests that a team of hackers with enough time and resources could break the drive. The fact that Charlie Bradbury did it alone in about twenty-fours is a testament to her skill as a hacker.
  • On closer inspection, Frank's voiceover of Charlie reading his notes doesn't actually match much of the information that's on-screen when Charlie first opens the file, though some of it is the same. Its possible that Charlie was reading from more than just the visible notes that popped up however.