Fran Hinkle is the wife of Stan Hinkle.


One night, Fran asked her husband Stan to take out the trash, but Stan was so enamored by the television Fran had to take the trash out herself. When she returned to the house, she found Stan dead and someone in a bunny costume standing over Stan's corpse.

Fran was terrified, thinking she'd be next, but the assailant simply walked out the house. Fran reported the murder to the police and Sheriff Donna Hanscum arrested the man. She was able to identify - at the cost of the assailant's life - that the assailant was Mike Hooks. According to Sam and Dean Winchester, Mike was a victim of ghost possession.

Dean decided to interview Fran and learn more about Stan and another victim, Phil Evans. Fran revealed the two men to be college roommates who had confronted a child molester named Chester Johnson. Fran hated the mere mention of Chester's name since Chester made her sick. From what she understood, Chester had committed suicide before her husband and Phil could confront him for his wrongdoings.



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