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The Fox-Banes Family.

Known members[]

  • Lorraine Fox - The mother of Asa who disapproved of his hunting lifestyle. At his wake, she witnessed the hunters gathered there exorcise Jael, which caused her to change her opinion on hunters. She also met her grandchildren here, whom she didn't even know existed.
  • Asa Fox (deceased) - A renowned hunter who began hunting after Mary Winchester saved his life when he was a child. The hunting community became filled with grand stories about his life. Asa was also a womanizer, leading to the conception of twins. He died when his friend, Bucky Sims, killed him by accident.
  • Tasha Banes (deceased) - This good witch was the mother of Max and Alicia, whom she conceived with Asa after a one-night stand. The witch chose to raise the children herself. She is eventually killed by a borrower witch. Her death is avenged by Dean.
  • Max Banes - Max is one of Asa's twin children. He was raised by his mother alongside his twin sister. Like his father, he grew up to become a hunter. During his father's wake, Max discovered that Bucky had killed his father. He also met his grandmother, Lorraine, while there. Max eventually learns that his mother is dead and when Alicia dies, he chooses to resurrect her as a twig doll. Max shared with his mother a gift of magic.
  • Alicia Banes (deceased) - Alicia is one of Asa's twin children. She was raised by her mother alongside her twin brother. Like her father, she grew up to become a hunter. During her father's wake, Alicia discovered that Bucky had killed her father. She also met her grandmother, Lorraine, while there. Alicia dies of a fatal stab wound inflicted by a fake Tasha. At the cost of his soul, Max uses a magic spell to resurrect Alicia as a twig doll.


  • Sam and Dean Winchester - Max and Alicia met Sam and Dean at their father's wake. They learned of Sam's possession by Lucifer from Garth, but chose to keep it to themselves. While dealing with a werewolf case, Alicia called out to Dean for help, showing her trust in him. Sam and Dean later help the twins search for their mother. Dean is also the one who avenges Tasha by the killing the witch responsible.
  • Mary Winchester - Mary was the one to introduce Asa to the hunting world. From the beginning of his career to his death, Mary herself had been dead and following her resurrection, she chose to participate in his wake. She was initially despised by Lorraine until the hunters proved themselves very useful by exorcising Jael. When Dean was unable to answer a call from Alicia, Mary received the call instead chose to go help Alicia with her hunt.


  • Bucky Sims - Originally a close friend of Asa, Bucky accidentally killed his friend during an argument and tried to pin the blame on Jael. After Jael revealed the truth during Asa's wake, the hunters present decided to ostracize him, essentially banning him from their community.
  • Jael - This Crossroad Demon was Asa's longtime rival. When Bucky pinned the cause of Asa's death on Jael, Jael became furious and decided to go to Asa's wake and kill everyone there. He was successfully exorcised by the combined efforts of all the hunters present, but not before he revealed the truth about Asa's death, leading everyone to denounce Bucky. He was also the one to reveal to Lorraine that Max and Alicia were her grandchildren.
  • Borrower Witch (deceased) - This unnamed witch was hunted by Tasha. Upon meeting each other, the witch decided to offer Tasha her cursed powers, but Tasha refused. The witch killed Tasha and recreated her as a twig doll. This twig doll would end up killing Alicia, while Max inherited the witch's magic upon the witch's death at Dean's hands.


  • This family consists of mainly humans, two of whom are witches and three of whom are hunters.