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Welcome to The Impala. This is a place for community discussion about the Supernatural Wiki. You may discuss:

  • New Policy Proposals
  • Updating Policies
  • Changes in our Wiki's Format, Sidebar's, Skins, etc
  • Discussions about article setup, display, image layout, etc
    And more

Please remember that if you are wishing to discuss about a specific article or image, the talk page provided for those articles or images should be used rather than the forum.

We also request that if you are wishing to speak to a specific user, to use their talk page instead.

Thanks, and welcome to The Impala!

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My Status18:09, 3 August 2022Zane T 69
New theme for the Supernatural Wiki14:20, 8 July 2020Zane T 69
Header Removal of Wayward Sisters12:41, 15 April 2020FTWinchester
Citation Change16:07, 14 April 2020FTWinchester
Background Change03:24, 13 April 2020Zane T 69
Forums to be replaced by Fandom: Preserving Past Consensus23:16, 5 April 2020Zane T 69
Enabling Discussions23:00, 5 April 2020Zane T 69
DISCORD17:23, 24 March 2020Zane T 69
Ledes, Powers and Abilities, and Personality sections need to be shortened considerably17:51, 20 February 2020Zane T 69
Article titles should be singular wherever possible23:08, 20 January 2020Jack3869
Adding Subpages01:52, 20 January 2020Dominic1743
Desynoping Inactive admins16:54, 27 December 2019Zane T 69
Indefinite block of Reka1245202:36, 18 February 2018FTWinchester
Major changes to the Creatures Template01:54, 14 February 2018ThomasNealy
Replacing the Season template with something easier to use18:20, 11 February 2018ThomasNealy
Past tense articles18:46, 31 January 2018Dtol
Season Format04:36, 24 December 2017Calebchiam
The Infinite Ban of ImperiexSeed03:03, 24 February 2017Calebchiam
"The One You've Been Waiting For" Discussion02:44, 15 November 2016Calebchiam
Background and logo changes04:43, 14 November 2016Calebchiam
Desysopping ImperiexSeed20:49, 15 August 2012Calebchiam