Floyd was a hunter that lived in Apocalypse World.


Season 13Edit

In Beat the Devil, while Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Gabriel are trekking through Apocalypse World looking for Jack and Mary Winchester, they come across Floyd and his friend Maggie who are attempting to fight off a rabid vampire. Floyd tells Maggie to run but she stays with him and he is soon knocked down until the Winchesters save him. After Sam kills the monster, Floyd explains to them of the monsters lack of food causing them to turn rabid, and how their group was heading through a tunnel when they ran into a nest of them. Floyd tells them of how they were the only survivors. When they explain they were trying to get to the Dayton outpost that Jack and Mary had set up, Sam promises to keep them safe and get them there.

They cross through the tunnel and are more cautious but vampires attack and kill Floyd by overpowering him and presumably devouring him.

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