You thinking you help people – it's amusing. I help people. A clogged artery here, a tumor there. I do good in this world. You – you believe every problem can be solved with a gun. You play the hero, but underneath the hype, you're a killer with oceans of blood on his hands. I hate men like you.

Flagstaff is an angel who worked for Castiel in a hospital along with Tessa, Oren and Constantine, where they performed minor miracles to save human lives. As her angelic name has eighteen syllables, she prefers using her vessel's name.


While Sam and Castiel go track down Josiah, Dean interrogates Flagstaff who worked with Oren, the angel suicide bomber who killed Esther and six humans in an ice cream shop. During the interrogation, Flagstaff claims to hate Dean because he proclaims himself as a hero when his method of saving lives is based on the use of weapons to take more lives, which angers Dean. The Mark of Cain started to influence his mind and Dean held her against the floor and threatened her with an angel blade, ordering her to say names of people who were close to Oren. Afraid, Flagstaff named Constantine and Tessa, leaving the hunter atonic with the last name.

Later, she expresses her revolt with Hannah and another angel for "an ape" had threatened her with an angel blade. After Metatron's speech about how Castiel was responsible behind the angel suicide bombers, how Castiel stole another angel's grace, and how Castiel just cared about himself and the Winchester brothers, Flagstaff abandons Castiel along with the other angels when Castiel refuses to kill Dean for he had killed Tessa, joining Metatron. Presumably, she returned to Castiel's side after Metatron was exposed and dispatched to Heaven's dungeon.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Flagstaff appeared to be a low-ranking angel, with all the powers of one.

  • Angelic Possession - Flagstaff needed a vessel to walk the earth, and required her consent.
  • Super Strength - Flagstaff endowed her vessel with superhuman strength.
  • Invulnerability - As an angel, Flagstaff cannot be harmed by most means of damage.
  • Immunity - As an angel, Flagstaff would not age, unless killed.


As an angel, Flagstaff has all inherent angelic weaknesses.


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