Fizzles' Folly is a boat owned by hunter Garth Fitzgerald IV.


The boat is docked in Warsaw, Missouri and was used as a demon-proof safe house for prophet Kevin Tran, while he attempted to decipher the demon tablet for the Hell Trials. Dean chose not to ward the boat against angels for the sake of Castiel finding this place.

However, Crowley was able to break through the warding and abduct Kevin. The boat has not been seen since. The Men of Letters bunker is about a six-hour drive away from the boat.

In The Great Escapist, Crowley traps Kevin in an illusion of the houseboat in an attempt to trick him into translating the demon tablet for him after his capture. While the illusion contains warding and a devil's trap, neither are apparently real as none of the demons that enter or exit are affected by the devil's trap. Kevin eventually sees through the deception and is rescued by Metatron, taking with him Crowley's half of the demon tablet.



  • Garth is never actually seen on the boat.
  • The boat was presumably named after Garth's sidekick, Mr. Fizzles.
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