Creation? That took work. Took sacrifice. In order to create the world, God had to give up the only thing he'd ever known. He had to betray and sacrifice his only kin: the Darkness, his sister.

The First War against the Darkness was a conflict fought prior to the creation of the Universe, eons ago. It resulted in the victory of God and his Archangels, who were, according to him, barely able to seal the Darkness away.

History Edit

In the beginning, the Darkness was all that existed. At some point, her younger brother, God, came into existence. Despite his sister's opposition, God created many worlds, in order to show her that there could exist other beings besides them. Refusing God's proposal each time, the Darkness destroyed all that he created.

Seeing her imprisonment as the only solution, God created four Archangels (Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel) in order for them to help him defeat his sister.

After an extended period of time of battling her, God and his Archangels barely succeeded in sealing the Darkness away by tricking her, using what would later be known as the Mark of Cain as both lock and key, which God entrusted to his most valued lieutenant and favorite son: Lucifer.

Aftermath Edit

After successfully defeating his sister (albeit barely), God was able to create other beings, galaxies and divine realms.

Trivia Edit

  • This was the very first war ever fought.
  • The fact that God needed four Archangels to barely defeat his sister supports the Darkness' superiority in power.
  • A sort of recreation of this battle was done billions of years later when the Darkness was released again. God had demons, angels, and witches substitute for three of the four archangels, but the plan ended in failure.
  • This marks the first in a cycle of siblings that deeply loved each other, ended up fighting each other. This was repeated with Michael and Lucifer, Cain and Abel, and Dean and Sam. The cycles also are somewhat connected in a family sense. After the Darkness and God's battle the next battle was between Michael and Lucifer, God's Archangels and sons. The next battle was a result of Cain and Abel the children of Adam, and the among the first humans created by God. The next battle was between Sam and Dean the vessels of Michael and Lucifer and descendants of Cain and Abel.
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