The First Heaven Civil War, also known as Lucifer's Rebellion or simply as War in Heaven, was a conflict fought in Heaven, and Heaven's first known war. It ended in the victory of God and Michael, the greatest consequence being Lucifer's exile out of Heaven and his imprisonment in the Cage.


Of God's most powerful and one of the earliest creations were the four Archangels, made in this order: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel.

In order to create the Universe, God had to defeat his sister, the Darkness. Their combined strength was barely enough to imprison the Darkness. The lock and key to the Darkness' prison became known as the Mark. God passed the Mark to his most trusted lieutenant, Lucifer. The Mark, however, started corrupting Lucifer, making him more of what he already was.

Ages later, God asked all of his angels to bow down to his new creations humans, which he considered to be his greatest. Lucifer refused, stating that they were flawed, that they were an abomination. His defiance caused him to be cast out of Heaven by Michael on God's command.

Lucifer then corrupted the Garden of Eden by sneaking in and twisting Lilith, a human, into the first demon. Lucifer also declared war in Heaven, and with his followers he fought against God's forces, which included Michael and Raphael. Gabriel, meanwhile, left Heaven as he could not bear to witness his family fall apart.

Lucifer asked Michael to side with him, Michael however refused, and at the command of God, defeated Lucifer, crushing the rebellion.

Lucifer was then condemned to Hell and imprisoned in a Cage. He would remain trapped until eons later when his true vessel, Sam Winchester killed Lilith, thus breaking the 66th seal holding Lucifer in his Cage.

Casualties and Consequences

  • The biggest consequence was the linkage of the Universe and Hell, evil beings able to exist within Earth's plane of existence. The twisting of Lilith and creation of the first demons led to the creation of the Knights of Hell and a giant population of demons, who would come to cause havoc on Earth for eons to come.


  • It is unclear when, exactly, either after or before the war, did Lucifer pass the Mark onto Cain.
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