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Fedra and later Kat was the name assumed by a demon who escaped from the Devil's Gate and wreaked havoc in Key West.


At some point in her life, the woman later known as Fedra died and went to Hell where she became a demon and met her husband, Alberto. The two eventually forgot their real names and never took on demonic names of their own. Eventually, Azazel alerted the demons of Hell to be ready for when his general opened the Devil's Gate and Alberto and Fedra joined them. Upon exiting the Devil's Gate, they found both Jake and Azazel dead and were left with no one to follow.

Unlike the other demons who escaped, Alberto and Fedra decided to take a vacation and possessed a married couple, Alberto and Fedra Fedregotti and took on their names. The two then traveled to Key West to relax with their very presence stirring up spiritual activity in the area. Eventually, the two decided to enact a plan to cause trouble by strengthening the spirits in the area and then bending them to their will. Alberto and Fedra kidnapped and murdered Megan Ward, using her blood in a ritual to super-charge all of the ghosts on Key West.

Shortly afterwards, they kidnapped a girl named Susannah to use in a ritual to control the ghosts. After murdering Susannah, the demons started the ritual, only to be interrupted by Sam and Dean Winchester who had been drawn to Key West by their activities and located them. As the Winchesters burst in, Fedra pins them to the wall with her mind and keeps Dean's arms pinned at his side so that he can't use the Colt against them. After realizing Dean knows Susannah, Fedra taunts him about her only to sense a very powerful spirit coming, briefly distracting her from her hold on Sam. Slamming Sam's head against the wall to daze him, Fedra tells Alberto that they can do a great deal with the coming spirit. When the spirit enters, he reveals himself to be the Last Calusa and declares he has no use for Fedra or Alberto when he learns that they are not his gods. To Fedra's shock, the Last Calusa is able to act on its own and she joins her power with Alberto to try to control the spirit. While it works at first, the Last Calusa is able to break free and strike back, causing a wind to whip through the room and extinguish the demons candles. As the demons desperately try to control the spirit, he flings them into the headboard with their pentagram on it, smearing the design and breaking their spell. As the spirits the demons called vanish, the Last Calusa begins torturing the two, causing them unimaginable pain. The Winchesters attempt to harm the Last Calusa to no effect with salt rounds, but it allows Fedra to break free and try to strike back. Both the hunters and the demon's attacks have no effect and the Last Calusa disarms the Winchesters and destroys Alberto. Declaring that it will all end soon and the Last Calusa will have its vengeance, the spirit disappears leaving behind a devastated Fedra and the Winchesters.

As Fedra cries over Alberto, Dean draws the Colt on her to kill her as well. Fedra pins Dean to the wall and threatens him to keep Sam back, but realizes that she needs their help to get revenge on the Last Calusa. Fedra explains that the Last Calusa isn't a single spirit but the collective spirit of an entire tribe and that neither of them can defeat it alone. Fedra tells them that Sam was Azazel's chosen one while Dean killed Azazel so she believes that together, they can stop the Last Calusa. Fedra reminds the Winchesters that the Last Calusa has already killed two humans and a demon and from the way he was talking, is likely to kill a lot more. As the Winchesters continue to hesitate, Fedra reminds Sam that he's working with Ruby and Dean breaks free of her weakening hold. Telling the Winchesters she will talk to them later, Fedra flees her vessel in smoke form as Dean aims the Colt at her. Moments after the demon leaves, her vessel dies of the injuries she accrued while possessed.

After the Last Calusa takes Sam and a lot of other people to sacrifice to give it the power it needs for its vengeance, Fedra possesses Officer Van Montrose to speak to Dean. When Dean aims a shotgun and then the Colt at her, Fedra reminds him that he'll only be hurting Montrose with the shotgun and to kill her with the Colt, he'll have to kill Montrose too. After hesitating, Dean agrees to hear Fedra out but promises to shoot if she tries anything. Fedra agrees and tells Dean that he wants Sam back and she wants revenge for Alberto's death and they can get both together. Fedra explains that she can cast a spell that will channel all the spiritual energy on the island through a single vessel, a variation on what she and Alberto had done already but that it needs a willing vessel due to the sheer power of the Last Calusa as she needs total focus and not be fighting her vessel at the same time. Dean reminds Fedra that the last time, she'd killed two people for her spells and Fedra explains that while the blood helps focus the ritual, it isn't necessary but it helps strengthen the ritual. Fedra tells Dean that he's already sacrificed his life by his deal with the crossroad demon and she doesn't gain anything out of killing him and she needs him alive for the spell to work. As Dean considers things, Fedra tells him that nothing can happen until sunset the next day anyway so she'll leave him to consider the situation and meet with Bobby about the idea. Saying she'll meet him and Bobby at the Southernmost Point at 5:00pm the next day, Fedra exits Montrose's body in her smoke form.

At the meeting time, Dean and Bobby find Fedra possessing a college girl named Kat, now taking on her name. Kat admits she was using Kat's beauty as a way to get at Dean and to emotionally affect them into not using the Colt on her given Kat's age and the fact that Kat goes to college close to where Bobby lives. Bobby tells the demon that they will work with her to stop the Last Calusa as she's the lesser of two evils in the situation, but he warns her that he will carry the Colt at all times and knows every exorcism there is. Kat agrees to the terms and the three depart for the construction site.

At the site, Dean and Bobby find that Kat was able to use magic to make the cops there leave for the night and that the wards have expanded. Kat instructs Bobby to create a reverse pentagram for the spell while Kat cuts her vessel's palm against Dean's objections and puts streaks of blood on his face to bind them together for the spell to work. Kat warns Dean that the spirits of a lot of unhappy dead people are going to get slammed into his consciousness and he needs to focus on something to ground himself so that he can remain aware despite the other voices that will be in his head. After agreeing that once they stop the Last Calusa they will go back to fighting each other, Kat starts her spell and infuses Dean with the ghosts of Key West. Surrounded by red energy which feeds from her to Dean, Kat empowers Dean during his fight with the Last Calusa, but the effort starts to burn out her vessel. After Dean gains the upper hand against the Last Calusa due to Sam's help, Kat's vessel heals of the damage done by the spell and she watches with feral glee as Dean destroys the Last Calusa.

After the Last Calusa is destroyed, Kat takes advantage of her spell to take control of Dean's body and fling Sam and Bobby backwards. Bobby tries to kill Kat with the Colt, but she stops the bullet and forces Dean to drive her back to the Naylor House to get some things from his hotel room before they leave, chased by Sam and Bobby. At Sam and Dean's room, Sam and Bobby find Kat and Dean. Kat charges towards the two men, but runs right into a devil's trap Sam and Dean had left on the celling after their first encounter with the demon in case she came after them. Realizing what's coming next, Kat threatens to kill Dean if they don't break the devil's trap and let her escape, but figuring that whatever demon was in charge of the Crossroad Demon Dean made a deal with wants him alive for now and she'd get in trouble for killing Dean, Sam starts an exorcism on Kat. As the exorcism continues, Kat grows more and more desperate, at one point slapping Dean who is just amused by her antics. Finally, Sam exorcises the demon out of Kat and sends it back to Hell.

After the demon is exorcised, the Winchesters and Bobby find that the girl she possessed, the real Kat, is still alive and call an ambulance for her. She is later unable to remember anything that happened to her while she was possessed. The Winchesters also learn that exorcising Fedra didn't break her spell that super-charged all of the spirits in Key West and they retain coherency, even with her gone.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fedra was a low-level demon with all the powers abilities of one though with a great skill in magic.

  • Immortality - As a demon, Fedra was immortal and had lived for millennia.
  • Demonic Possession - As a demon, Fedra required a vessel to walk the Earth.
  • Spell Casting - Fedra was skilled at magic, casting a spell that super-charged all of the spirits on Key West and attempting one to control the spirits. Even after she was exorcised her spell to super-charge the spirits remained in effect. She was later able to perform a ritual that bound all of the spirits on Key West into Dean as a gestalt so he could fight the Last Calusa and another spell to make all the cops at the construction site forget anything was going on and leave. However, she stated this was only a temporary effect and they would be back by morning.
  • Telekinesis - Fedra was able to keep the Winchesters pinned to a wall with her mind as she and Alberto cast their spell. However, the Last Calusa's attack weakened Fedra enough that Dean was able to break free the second time she pinned him when he couldn't the first. She was later able to fling Sam and Bobby around and stop a bullet from the Colt.
  • Super Strength - Fedra was able to break Dean's grip on her easily and keep his hand still. She later hit him with a hard slap across the face to try to get Sam to stop exorcising her but failed to do any harm or stop Sam.
  • Flight - In her smoke form, Fedra/Kat could fly. She also levitated while performing the spell to destroy the Last Calusa.
  • Regeneration - After Dean gets the upper hand on the Last Calusa, the damage done to Fedra's vessel by her efforts nearly burning the girl out disappear and the girl is later stated to be fine with no memory of her possession.


As a regular low-level demon, Fedra had all the regular weaknesses of demons.

  • Devil's Trap - Like all demons, Fedra could be bound within a devil's trap. While within Kat, Sam and Bobby lured her into one that she was unable to escape from.
  • Exorcism - Like most demons, Fedra could be exorcised. Sam exorcised her after drawing her into a devil's trap.
  • The Colt - Like all demons, Fedra could be killed by the Colt.
  • High-Tier Demons - Fedra was subservient to Azazel before her death.
  • The Last Calusa - The Last Calusa was able to easily destroy Alberto and harm Fedra, leaving her weakened for some time afterwards.


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