Father Delaney was a priest at St. Philomena's Church.


Father Delaney was a priest who accepted confessions. However, men who came to confess about being unfaithful wound up dead, with their stomachs cut open. Sam and Dean Winchester came to believe that the priest was behind the string of murders.

Dean offered to make a confession, claiming he was unfaithful to a woman named Gina. The priest was gentle and did not find offense in Dean's apparent sin. This led Dean to admit to an honest fear of dying, that he was not ready to go. When Father Delaney asked if Dean believed there was a God, Dean said he did but he didn't think God believed in them.

The culprit of the murders, the spirit of Isabella, became angry at Father Delaney for pardoning the unfaithful and took possession of him. Dean arrived at the church soon after and found the priest dead in the same manner as the other victims, his stomach cut open.

By burning the painting Isabella was attached to, Sam was able to destroy the spirit and save Dean, as well as Sister Mathias, whom was being used to kill Dean.


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