The Fates are three sisters who are the greek goddesses of Fate.


God gave Atropos and her two sisters, the job to maintain fate, make sure everything happened the way it should, that everything followed its destiny and that everything died when its time was up.

After Balthazar saved the Titanic, Atropos was immensely enraged, which caused her to take matters into her own hands, killing all the descendants of the people who should have died. She then tried to kill Sam and Dean, as it was them who put her out of her job. She managed to force Balthazar and Castiel to change it back by threatening to kill Sam and Dean. She also ignored Castiel's threats because killing her would anger her sisters, who she implied to be more powerful. She also reminded Castiel that with Heaven's civil war, he would be too busy to look after them.





  • Along with Anubis and Oblivion, they are one of the few pagan deities to be working with Heaven to maintain The Natural Order.
  • Atropos, one of the Fates, was to date, the only pagan deity to go to Heaven and return at will minus the souls of resurrected people.
  • In an interview with the actor Misha Collins, who portrayed Castiel, after the airing of My Heart Will Go On, he talks about Mythology. Atropos's nameless sisters are said to be named Lachesis and Clotho.
  • Naturally, the Fates are based on the Moirae of Greek mythology: Clotho ("spinner"), the eldest; Lachesis ("allotter"), the middle sister; and Atropos or Aisa ("unturnable," or "inevitable"), the youngest. The Greek Fates correspond to the Roman Parcae; Nona ("ninth"), Decima ("tenth," or "final"), and Morta ("dead"), who was also regarded as a goddess in her own right. The Norse equivalents of the Greco-Roman Fates are the Norns , or nornir (possibly "to twine" or "to weave"); Urdr ("earth" or "fate"), Verdandi ("becoming" or "happening," as in "it's happening right now"), and Skuld ("debt"), who was also named among the Valkyries.
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