This unnamed angel took a farmer as a vessel and sought revenge upon Castiel for the Fall of the Angels.


Season 9Edit

When Metatron's spell forced all of the angels from Heaven, this angel fell to Earth with the others and was able to gain a vessel in the form of a farmer. While plowing his vessel's fields, the angel heard the prayer of Dean Winchester for help with saving his brother and abandoned his plowing in favor of going after Dean for the location of Castiel.

The angel arrived at Linwood Memorial Hospital where he immediately drew an angel blade upon spotting Dean. While Dean drew the angel blade he'd taken from the Rogue Angel in return, another angel possessed Kim Schortz and disarmed Dean. Together the two angels badly beat Dean and demanded the location of Castiel. When Dean refused to give it up, the farmer angel began using a fire axe to break through the door to Sam's room so they could torture him, breaking through the angel warding in the process.

Finally, Dean agreed to tell the angels where to find Castiel in exchange for them answering a question for him, causing the farmer angel to stop hacking at the door. At Kim's prompting, Dean revealed that his question is where the two angels will go when he banishes them because Heaven is now locked. Before the farmer angel and the angel possessing Kim can react, Dean uses an angel banishing sigil he has secretly drawn on the floor to banish them from the hospital.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The farmer angel appeared to be a regular low-ranking angel with the abilities of such:




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