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This unnamed demon acted as a soul carrier for Famine.


When the Horseman Famine arrived in Plainville, his presence began influencing the locals to become mad with lust, hunger, and grief, to the point that they would commit murder or suicide (or both).

This demon was tasked with collecting the souls of the deceased in a black briefcase and deliver them to the Horseman for consumption. After collecting the souls of Jim and Janice from the morgue, he was spotted by Sam Winchester, whose heightened lust for demon blood enabled him to detect that this man was in fact a demon.

Following the death of Lester Finch, Sam hid in an alleyway and attacked the demon as he was leaving with Lester's soul. The two got into a fight, but since Sam had the Demon-Killing Knife, the demon was at a disadvantage and chose to run away with his injuries, leaving the briefcase behind.

The demon returned to Famine, who was awaiting him at Biggerson's, and informed him that Lucifer's vessel was here. He presented Famine with a key to Sam's room. Although delighted to know where Sam was, Famine was furious to learn that the demon had abandoned the briefcase. The demon promised to get another soul in ten minutes, but Famine wanted to eat right now. To curb his hunger, Famine devoured the demon's essence instead.

This demon was later replaced in the task of soul collecting, as shown when another demon collected J. Forman's soul.