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These unnamed demons were tasked with serving the Horsemen Famine.


During The Apocalypse, Lucifer tasked these demons with taking care of Famine, who was frail and weak and needed help in regaining his strength. They transported Famine to a town and watched over him at Biggerson's.

After one demon managed to obtain a key to Sam Winchester's room, Famine sent a few of his servants to the motel as "a meal" for Sam, since Sam was Lucifer's vessel and consuming demon blood was good for him. As predicted, Sam successfully defeated the pair.

When Dean approached Famine with the intent on stealing his ring, these demons helped capture Dean. Once Sam himself arrived, Famine congratulated Sam on enjoying his meal and offered the remaining demons up, much to their discomfort. Sam refused to offer, leading Famine to devour the demons himself.

However, Sam was able to use his powers to exorcise the demons from Famine, thus weakening the Horseman enough for the brothers to steal the ring. The exorcism also freed Castiel, as well as the rest of the town, from Famine's influence.

Powers and Abilities[]

These demons appeared to be a low-ranking demons, with all the powers of one.

  • Demonic Possession - They were able to possess a human without their consent in order to walk the Earth.


They possessed weaknesses inherent in all demons.



  • Unlike most demons, these demons wore sunglasses.
  • These demons bare a resemblance to the agents from The Matrix franchise.