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Fallen Idols is the 5th episode of Season 5. It aired on October 8th, 2009.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean decide to start hunting together again and their first case leads them to a small town whose inhabitants are being killed by famous dead icons like Abraham Lincoln and James Dean's car. However, after two teenage girls come forward and claim their friend was kidnapped by Paris Hilton (in a cameo role as herself), the brothers aren't sure what they are hunting anymore.



The show opens in Cal Hopkins' garage where Cal has brought his friend, Jim Grossman, to show him something. Cal pulls off a tarp and reveals a vintage silver convertible Porsche, and Jim seems surprised and excited to be near it. Jim goes inside the house to get a video camera, and leaves Cal sitting in the car. Cal then notices a temperature drop, and the car radio starts up on its own. Outside the garage, Jim now has his camera, and hears the car start up, then a crashing noise, and goes to investigate. With the camera recording, he calls out for Cal, and as he nears, sees Cal's head embedded halfway into the windshield, as if he'd been in a head-on crash. Blood drips down over the Porsche emblem that's been underscored by the words "Little Bastard".

The scene shifts to the Impala where Sam and Dean are driving through the night. Dean tells Sam about Cal Hopkins' death. Sam wants to move onto a bigger issue, like how Michael and Lucifer want them to be their vessels. Dean insists on working the case and makes it clear that it's not debatable. He tells Sam that this is their first case back together, and they need to adjust before they take the "training wheels" off, as a team. Dean concludes by saying he wants this to be a fresh start, for the both of them.

Agents Bonham and Copeland meet with Sheriff Carnegie.

Now morning, in Canton, Ohio, Sam and Dean are at the police station, to talk to Sheriff Rick Carnegie. The sheriff tells Sam and Dean that they've already booked Jim Grossman for the murders. He shows them the video taken from Jim's camera, which the sheriff considers proof of Jim's guilt. Dean points out that it's not feasible that Jim, who was best friends with Cal, could have done it, considering the rate of speed required for Cal to have died the way he did. Dean and Sam insist on speaking to Jim. Jim tells them that Cal had just purchased James Dean's car, Little Bastard, and recalls to them what happened in the garage. Dean is surprised and ecstatic about the car, and insists on checking it out.

Dean tells Sam the history of "Little Bastard."

At the Canton Impound Garage, Dean looks at the silver car in amazement. Sam doesn't understand what's so special about it. Dean explains that the car used to be owned by James Dean, who died in it after a fatal crash, and that every one known to have owned it since his death has died unnaturally. The car vanished off the back of a truck in the '70s. There is only one way to prove that the car was really James Dean's, and that is to check the engine number, which is under the car. They prop the car up, and Dean hesitantly gets under it to get the number, telling Sam not to touch or even look at it while he is under it, lest he make it mad. Once he gets the number, he gets out from under the car as quickly as possible. Relieved, he hands the number to Sam, instructs him to research all the previous owners, and leaves.

While Sam is holed up in their motel room studying the car's past, Dean hits a bar, and pretends to be a talent agent to hit on the bartender. Sam calls him up, and is annoyed when he hears bar sounds in the background. Dean protests that after the trauma of being "up Christine's skirt," he needed a drink. Sam replies that he actually didn't, because James Dean never owned the car.


Professor William Hill is working late in the evening when his maid, Consuela Alvarez, stops by his office and tells him good night before she leaves. As he is working, the temperature suddenly drops in his office. William slowly looks around to find he's face to face with angry Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln grabs William by the throat and pushes him up against a wall, which is soon splattered by an explosion of blood that also lands on a framed copy of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Consuela says President Lincoln killed Mr. Hill.

The next morning, Sam and Dean visit the scene, and find Sheriff Carnegie. The professor was killed by a gunshot to the head but Sam points out that there is no bullet or powder residue on William's body. The sheriff suggests it could be professional killers like in Michael Clayton. Sam and Dean find out there was a witness, but the sheriff says she is making no sense at all. The boys head outside where Consuela is, and thanks to Sam's freshman Spanish, he is able to communicate with her. Sam asks her for a description of the killer, and she tells him it was a tall man with a beard, wearing an old style tall hat. Dean mentions Abraham Lincoln, and Consuela confirms that yes, President Lincoln killed Mr. Hill. Sam and Dean are reasonably confused.

Dean spots James Dean at the crime scene.

Back at the motel, Sam and Dean look over the evidence they have gathered. While looking over Jim's video, Dean notices James Dean's reflection in the windshield of the car. Sam finds that William Hill was a Civil War nut so Dean comes to the conclusion that two famous ghosts are killing their greatest fans. Although Sam and Dean can't figure out why these ghosts are here, until they find a wax museum in town.


In the wax museum, Sam and Dean discover exhibits of Lincoln and James Dean, as well as Gandhi. Dean pokes fun at Gandhi, and Sam tells Dean that Gandhi was a great man. Then the owner of the museum comes, and apologies for the wait. Dean asks the man if Cal and William were regular visitors, which the man confirms. He also points out that they have items from the actual people. Like Lincoln mannequin is wearing Lincoln's actual hat, James Dean's key chain, Gandhi's bifocal lenses, and FDR's iron lung. He also mentions that he is wearing Fonzie's jacket.

Later in the evening, Sam returns to the motel room to find Dean on the phone with Bobby discussing the case, and hears Dean make a snarky comment about Sam's fault in the Apocalypse. Annoyed, Sam slams the door to let Dean know he is back in the room. When Dean shrugs off his annoyance, Sam reminds him that they are attempting to make a fresh start. "Well, this is about as fresh as it gets," Dean snaps, and heads out the door to go to the museum.

Gandhi attacks Sam.

In the museum, they begin to gather the items and put them into a trash bin to be burned. So Sam and Dean split up. As Sam is collecting the items, he looks at the Lincoln statue, and then the doors close suddenly, followed by the temperature dropping. Sam has his shotgun ready for a ghost to come, but his gun gets knocked away and he turns around only to see Gandhi right behind him. Gandhi jumps on Sam and begins to strangle him. Sam tries to get him off, but has no luck and calls for Dean. Just as Sam is about to pass out from lack of oxygen, Dean arrives and burns the glasses. Gandhi disappears like any other ghost. Dean checks if Sam is alright.

Next day, Dean is packing up and getting ready to leave, but Sam thinks the case isn't over. He wonders why Gandhi didn't flame out like ghost tend to, and says that it felt like he was trying to take a bite out of him. Dean refuses to believe this and tells Sam to pack. Sam complains that Dean dragged him into town on this case, and is now dragging him out of it. Dean basically tells him it's not his call, they're leaving. Sam tells Dean he thought this was a fresh start and asks when he will be off double secret probation. Dean answers 'when he says so', because they've got some trust building to do. Sam says he knows that, and is really trying, but Dean isn't making it any easier. He tells Dean that if they are going to work together, it needs to be a two-way street. Dean wants to know if he's suggesting that they go back to the way they were; Sam's argument is that their working relationship has never been two-way. Dean has always been in control, and that's how they ended up where they are now. Sam says the reason that he went off with Ruby was to get away from Dean; it made him feel strong on his own, something more than just his little brother. A bit hurt and angry, Dean wants to know if that means Sam thinks everything gone wrong is his fault. Sam tells him's his own fault, but Dean does need to let him grow up, for starters. Before Dean can respond, he's interrupted by a phone call.

Sheriff Carnegie is at a loss to explain abductor Paris Hilton.

They head to the sheriff's office, and this time, Carnegie has no theories to offer. He tells them two girls reported the abduction of their friend, Danielle. Sam and Dean head into the room to talk to the distraught girls. They begin to tell their story, and reveal that it was Paris Hilton who took their friend. Sam and Dean are stunned. Since Paris Hilton isn't dead, they realize that they aren't dealing with ghosts at all.

Sam finds a clue.

Sam heads to the morgue, and does autopsies on the victims. He finds that each victim had seeds in their stomachs and lost a large amount of blood before they died. He exits the morgue and shows Dean what he found. They head back to the motel where Sam researches it and finds that the seeds are from a forest in the Balkans that was protected by Leshi, a pagan god who can take many forms in order to kill and feed on its worshipers. Sam finds that the forest itself was cut down 30 years ago and that Leshi can be killed by chopping off its head with an iron axe.

Seeds of Leshi.

Sam and Dean head back to the museum and begin to look for Leshi. They split up, and Sam notices an area closed off for renovations. Sam calls Dean over, and they head inside. They find the missing girl tied to a tree and unconscious. Then suddenly, Paris Hilton appears and punches Dean down. She then tosses Sam aside, knocking him unconscious. Dean, still on the ground, looks up and sees Paris Hilton about to step on him with her Christian Louboutin heels. Dean is then knocked out.

Leshi prepares to feast.

In the closed off room and disguised as Paris Hilton, Leshi begins to sharpen her nails using a rusty knife. Sam and Dean, still unconscious, are each tied to a tree. Dean is first to come to and sees Leshi sharpening her nails. Sam wakes up a minute after Dean. Leshi explains to them that she is preparing to do the complete ritual. Leshi recalls how people used to worship her, but then she was forced to travel around the world, scrounging to survive on her few remaining worshipers as time went on. But, someone started the Apocalypse and she realized she could "pig out" instead of going hungry. Leshi describes how, when she found the wax museum, she could transform into famous people and feed on their adoring fans. Dean points out that she can't eat him because he's not a Paris BFF; he hasn't even seen House of Wax. But Leshi tells Dean she knows who his idol is: John Winchester. As Leshi reaches for John's axe, Dean breaks free and attacks her. Dean is overpowered by her and thrown to the ground. Sam breaks free from his ropes and runs for the axe, which he grabs and uses to decapitate Leshi. Sam teases Dean about being wailed on by Paris Hilton.


Sam and Dean leave their motel the following morning. Dean tells Sam about the call he got from the Sheriff; the abducted girl will be fine and he put out an APB on Paris Hilton. As they pack the car, Dean tells Sam that he was right about him treating him like his little brother, and apologizes for not seeing what it was doing to him. He also points out that he shares some of the blame of bringing on the Apocalypse because he broke the first seal. Sam says there isn't much they can do about being the vessels, but they need to stop arguing and work together, on an equal level, to fight back. Dean agrees and pulls out the keys to the Impala. He looks down at the keys and offers them to Sam, asking if he wants to drive. Sam takes the keys and drives the Impala out.

Dean lets Sam drive.


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Featured Music[]

  • "Superstition" by Jeff Beck
  • "Sixteen" by Lucero

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  • Sam and Dean are hunting together again, since they separated in Good God, Y'all.


  • Antagonists: Leshi.
  • This is the first episode since his debut to not feature Castiel as a main character.
  • This episode is a shout out to Jared Padalecki who starred in the 2005 remake House of Wax alongside Paris Hilton who also appears in this episode. Dean mentions he hasn't seen the movie.
  • When Sam asks Dean "When are you going to take me off of Double Secret Probation?", it is a reference to the cult classic movie Animal House.
  • Whilst they were investigating Cal's death by taking a look at the "Little Bastard", Sam suggests that that car was as cursed as "Christine". "Christine" is a red 1958 Plymouth Fury which is the main antagonist on Stephen King's famous novel Christine, being a demonic-possessed car which kills everyone getting in its way. This is the fourth time Stephen King was referenced in Supernatural: the other times were in the episodes Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, when Dean references the movie Pet Sematary whilst arguing against Angela Mason's father, inspired by the Stephen King book, and in Monster Movie, when, after knowing that the Shapeshifter had turned itself into Count Dracula, the Werewolf and the Mummy, Dean suggests the next monster movie would be The Creature of the Black Lagoon, making an indirect reference to Stephen King's novel IT, when a devilish entity possessing shapeshifting skills, turned itself into all of the aforementioned monsters to chase after and/or kill children. The third is when Chuck Shurley asks Sam and Dean if his this is a Misery thing, in reference to Stephen Kings novel Misery in which a superfan kidnaps a writer.
  • The girl that played Girl #1 Emily Tennant, also plays as Tasha, Kate's little sister (whom she turns into a werewolf) in Season 10 Episode 4: Paper Moon.
  • Sam and Dean pose as Agents Bonham and Copeland in this episode, referring to rock drummers John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, and Stewart Copeland of The Police.
  • In the opening scene, Grossman is seen slowly lowering the camera upon seeing his friend's corpse in the car and then mumbling 'Oh my God', a couple of second later he screams out his name and the scene ends. Yet when Sam and Dean watch the tape, it can be seen that he continued filming while uttering 'Oh my God', only to quickly drop the camera when starting to scream.

Continuity Errors[]

  • Sam claims he and Dean never encountered a "famous ghost". However, in No Exit they did encounter the ghost of H. H. Holmes, which is famous.


  • Carnegie - It was Jim Grossman that killed Cal.
    Dean - Wait, what?
    Carnegie - Well, he was the only one on the scene for miles.
    Sam - They were best friends.
    Carnegie - Most violent crimes are committed by someone close to the victim.
    Dean - And how, exactly did Jim slam Cal into a windshield with all the force of an 80-mile-per-hour crash?
    Carnegie - ...Drugs, maybe?
  • Sam - [wrestles with Gandhi's "ghost"] Dean!
    Dean - Is that Gandhi?
    Sam - Yeah!
    Dean - Dude, he's squirrely.
  • Sam - Also, I feel like [Gandhi] was trying to take a bite out of me.
    Dean - A bite?
    Sam - Yeah, like he was hungry. But the thing is, Gandhi—or, the real Gandhi—he was a...
    Dean - A what?
    [Sam founders reluctantly]
    Dean - Spit it out.
    Sam - ...He was fruitarian.
    Dean - [laughs] Let me get this straight: Your ultimate hero was not only a short man in diapers, but he was also a "fruitarian"?
  • Dean - Excuse us, girls. Hi, we're with the FBI.
    Sam - Can you tell us what happened?
    Girl #2 - It was horrible!
    Girl #1 - Way horrible!
    Sam - What was horrible?
    Girl #2 - I thought she'd be nice.
    Girl #1 - I still can't believe it.
    Dean - B-believe what?
    Girl #1 - She took Danielle!
    Dean - Who?
    [girls exchange worried glance]
    Sam - It's okay, you're safe—just tell us. Who took your friend?
    Girl #1 - It was... Paris Hilton.
    Sam - ...Sorry?
    Girl #1 - She looked really good, though.
    Girl #2 - Skinny.
    Girl #1 - Skinny and phat.
    Dean - Wai— Wha—? Huh?
  • Dean - Not a word.
    Sam - Dude, you just got wailed on by Paris Hilton.
    Dean - ...Shut up.
  • Dean - [gets off phone with] Sheriff Carnegie. Danielle's gonna be all right. She's sworn off "The Simple Life", but, other than that...
    Sam - I'm glad she's okay.
    Dean - It gets better: Sheriff's puttin' out an APB on Paris Hilton. Heh, heh—that oughta be good.


International Titles[]

  • German: Die falschen Götter (The false Gods)
  • Hungarian: Ledöntött bálványok (Toppled idols)
  • Italian: La caduta... dei famosi (The fall ... of the famous)

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