Are you sure, baby? Are you ready to join me in eternity?
Fake Vampire to the young woman

This young man pretended to be a vampire.


This young man frequents a bar named the Black Rose while posing as a vampire, knowing it to be a way to attract hook ups. One night, he manages to lure a young woman out to the alley with him. He pins her against the door and starts kissing her neck. The woman is excited.

When he makes a move to bite, Dean Winchester grabs a hold of him and throws him off the woman. Dean tells the woman to run and turns back on the man. Confused and disorientated, the man tries to question what Dean is doing, but Dean slams him against the dumpster and orders him to open his mouth.

The man complies, revealing fake vampire fangs. Dean is visibly disgusted. He loudly orders the young man to remove the teeth. When Dean wonders out loud if he's twelve and gets annoyed upon seeing the glitter all over him, the young man explains his reason.

Intrigued, Dean asks if his method of getting laid really works. The young man nods, before being told to run off and to use a condom next time.



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