The spell breaking as the Book of Spells is destroyed.

The book -- you must destroy it.
Gilda to Charlie Bradbury
in LARP and the Real Girl

The Fairy Binding Spell is a spell a person can use to bind a fairy to their will.


The spell was used by Gerry to bind a powerful fairy named Gilda to his will. While under the spell, Gilda was bound to perform whatever deeds Gerry wanted, including killing someone with magic. Gilda could not use her own magic to break herself free, nor was she able to harm Gerry. Gilda could not refuse Gerry's biddings, even though she did not agree with them. This spell was located in a Book of Spells which, if destroyed by a hero, would cause the spell to break. Under the spell, Gilda was forced to seriously injure several people, kill two and kidnap Charlie Bradbury, all so Gerry could impress her. After Dean Winchester knocked the spell book to the ground, Charlie stabbed it with a dagger, destroying it and breaking the spell.


The actual procedure is unknown. The only known requirement is the spell located in the Book of Spells, and keeping the book safe, as destroying the book would also break the spell.


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