Mr. Brennan reciting the spell.

The Fairy Banishing Spell is a powerful spell that Sam used to banish Wayne Whittaker, a Leprechaun, and all the other fairies in Clap Your Hands If You Believe. Once banished they are unable to return, unless summoned again.


A lore book that contain the spell is needed. The user simply read a passage that contain the banishing incantation. The incantation can be performed by separate two person. Mr. Brennan only able to recite the first part, before killed by Wayne. Sam can finish the rest of incantation, apparently no need to recite the incantation from beginning. When the incantation finished, all summoned fairies will imploded to bluish white light, pulled to their realm (presumably Avalon, or other fairy realm).


The full incantation was in Irish.

Leig seachad an ceangal sin,
agus smàl an solus sin,
agus fuadaich an sídhe air ais gu'n àite-breith.
Сum sabhailt ar naoidhein gun am breith,
agus cum dùinte an geata uamhasach seo.


Let go of this alliance,
and let the light go out.
and banish all Elves to their birthplace',
Keep the firstborn safe,
and keep the horrible door closed.


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