The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a federal law enforcement agency charged with protecting and defending the United States.


The FBI was established in 1908 as the Bureau of Investigation, the BOI or BI for short. Its name was changed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1935. The FBI operates under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Justice and the FBI is also a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community and reports to/ both the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence. The FBI investigates terrorism, serial murder, and several other serious federal crimes.

Season 2

The FBI is first shown in Nightshifter when agent Victor Henriksen and other agents took over command of the police operation in an attempt to free the people supposedly taken hostage by the Winchester brothers in a bank and arrest the brothers. Henriksen was confident that he had Sam and Dean cornered when he sent SWAT agents in, but they escaped after they knocked out two SWAT officers and stole their uniforms to disguise themselves.

In Folsom Prison Blues, Henriksen succeeded in capturing the brothers, but it was a temporary victory, as the brothers had set themselves up to be captured. By the end of the episode, with the help of their lawyer and a prison guard, Sam and Dean escaped police custody again.

Season 3

In Jus In Bello, Agent Henriksen captured Sam and Dean again thanks to a tip made by Bela Talbot. While the Winchesters are held prisoner in the Monument, Colorado police station it gets attacked by demons. During the siege, Henriksen is possessed by a demon and it shot the unsuspecting sheriff. Once the demon was exorcised shortly after by Sam, Henriksen realized that the Winchester brothers weren't murderers after all and teamed up with them to defeat the demons attacking the police station. In the aftermath, he let them go, making it seem that they died in a fire to get the law off their backs once and for all. He and Dean also bonded, discovering that they are very similar with Henriksen admitting that he's frustrated with his job and only saving a few people and is envious of the Winchesters going around saving people everyday. After Sam and Dean left, Henriksen was tortured to death by a demon named Lilith and she also kills the other survivors.

Season 4

In Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester, Victor Henriksen returns as a ghost along with other people who the Winchesters failed to save after being risen by Lilith as one of the 66 seals. Henriksen and the other ghosts attempt to kill the Winchesters but are banished with a spell by Dean.

In Sex and Violence, a siren compelled some men to murder their loved ones. This drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean. The siren approached the brothers under the alias of FBI agent Nick Munroe. Nick later tried to get both brothers to kill each other but his plan was foiled by Bobby Singer who ended up killing Nick and saving the two hunters.

Season 6

In Weekend at Bobby's, Agent Adams shows up at Bobby Singer's house with Sheriff Jody Mills. He is looking for Rufus Turner, but Bobby denies knowing Rufus, and Sheriff Mills tries to distract him. Agent Adams is persistent, and he finds the spot where the Okami was buried. Fortunately, there is no longer any evidence of a crime because Rufus failed to kill the Okami, and it had escaped its own grave. Adams then leaves after failing to find Rufus. Bobby later kills the Okami.

Season 7

In Slash Fiction, FBI agents Morris and Valente investigate Leviathan Sam and Leviathan Dean's murder spree. They arrive at several crime scenes committed by the two leviathans. Morris and Valente later meet with Sheriff Osborne and his daughter, the coroner. Osborne tells both agents he got the drop on both brothers and killed them. He also tells them he had both brothers cremated. This angers both agents but they decide to take the easy way out and close the case. In reality, Osborne helped the real Sam and Dean defeat their Leviathan doppelgängers and helped them fake their deaths again. At the end of the episode it is revealed that Valente is a Leviathan and he murders both Osborne and his daughter for interfering with the Leviathans' plan.

Season 13

In Breakdown, Donna Hanscum's niece Wendy Hanscum is abducted. FBI agent Terrance Clegg investigates the case believing it to be the work of a serial abductor he calls The Butterfly. Donna asks Sam and Dean to help even though this isn't their type of case and they agree. Doug Stover also investigates the case. When Dean and Clegg first meet they get off on the wrong foot. After Dean apologizes and says he is also an FBI agent they agree to work together. Dean and Doug catch a break in the case after Marlon confesses to his role in Wendy's abduction when Dean gets violent with him. He shows Dean and Doug a website on the dark web where people are auctioned for food. Donna and Sam latter arrive and see the website. Sam says he can't trace the website and they call Clegg who traces it for them. Sam, Dean, Donna, and Doug later head to the address Clegg gave them with a handcuffed Marlon to save Wendy. This is a trap and Clegg is revealed to be the Butterfly. Clegg abducts Sam while Marlon is revealed to be a vampire and distracts the others. Marlon is defeated and before he dies he tells the others where Clegg took Sam. Dean manages to save Sam from death and kills Clegg. Clegg's accomplice is killed by Donna, ending Clegg's human organ harvesting operation. Wendy is also saved at the end of the episode.

Known FBI Agents



  • The FBI is the most commonly impersonated law enforcement agency by Sam and Dean.
  • Whenever Castiel impersonates the FBI he usually holds his fake FBI badge upside down.
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