Dr. F. Corman was the medical examiner in Plainville, a town visited by Famine.

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Dr. Corman examined the bodies of suicide couples Alice and Russell and Janice and Jim. When Dean and Sam arrived at the morgue after the latter couple's demise, he allowed them free access to the bodies, having already tupperwared their "good-and-plenties." He reminded them to "re-frigerate after opening" as he grabbed his coat and hat to leave.

Later, per the boys' request to inform them of any other weird deaths, the doctor reached Sam regarding Lester Finch, who died as a result of gorging himself with Twinkies to the extent of ramrodding them down his throat with a toilet brush after he couldn't swallow anymore. Seemingly affected by Lester's manner of death, Dr. Corman produced a flask and drank as Sam looked on.


When Dean and Castiel later returned to the morgue to talk to Dr. Corman, they were informed by assistant Marty that he had died. He told them the doctor had been sober for the last 20 years, but earlier that morning had left work, went home, and drank himself to death. Castiel immediately identified Famine as the culprit and determined that Corman's soul had not yet been harvested and delivered to Famine, as the other "suicide" victims' in town had been. After expressing frustration about the death of the doctor, whom he "really kind of liked," Dean decided that to find and defuse Famine by separating him from his ring, they needed to track the demons that would eventually come to collect the doctor's soul.

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  • Actor Jay Brazeau also appeared in the season 1 episode "Provenance" as an unnamed librarian.
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