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|category = [[Angels|Angel]]
|category = [[Angels|Angel]]
|status = Alive
|status = Alive
|affiliation = [[Host of Heaven]] (Formerly)<br />[[The Winchester Family]]|actor = [[Tahmoh Penikett]] (Original Vessel)<br>[[Jared Padalecki]] (Possessing Sam Winchester)|occupation = Fallen Angel|family = [[God]] (Creator/Father)<br>[[Angels]] (Siblings)<br>Unidentified Vessel<br>[[Sam Winchester]] (Current Vessel)}}'''Ezekiel''' is one of the legions of [[angel]]s cast out of [[Heaven]] by [[Metatron]]'s [[Expelling Angels|spell]].
|affiliation = [[Host of Heaven]] (Formerly)<br />[[The Winchester Family]]|actor = [[Tahmoh Penikett]] (Original Vessel)<br>[[Jared Padalecki]] (Possessing Sam Winchester)|occupation = Fallen Angel<br>Angelic "Pacemaker" of Sam Winchester|family = [[God]] (Creator/Father)<br>[[Angels]] (Siblings)<br>Unidentified Vessel<br>[[Sam Winchester]] (Current Vessel)}}'''Ezekiel''' is one of the legions of [[angel]]s cast out of [[Heaven]] by [[Metatron]]'s [[Expelling Angels|spell]].

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Come now, Is that anyway to treat a brother injured in the fall?
— - Ezekiel speaking to a rogue angel.

Ezekiel is one of the legions of angels cast out of Heaven by Metatron's spell.


Season 9

Sam and Ezekiel

Ezekiel watches over an ill Sam in "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here".

I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Ezekiel falls to earth with the other angels and takes a vessel, but is injured and weakened by falling. When Dean lets out a desperate prayer to any angel to help Sam, Ezekiel, who is traveling by bus, hears the prayer and gets back on the bus to help. He interrupts an angel that is attempting to get Castiel's location out of Dean, but when the angel attacks him, he is no match for him. Dean kills the angel with his own Angel Blade and Ezekiel passes out. While he is unconscious, Dean traps him in Holy Fire and demands to know what he wants as he is untrusting of angels, given what happened with the other angel. Ezekiel convinces him he wants to help and Castiel later confirms by phone that Ezekiel can be trusted so Dean lets him try. However, both Ezekiel and Sam are weak and he is unable to heal him right away. Two angels arrive and Dean puts up warding to protect Sam and Ezekiel as Sam can't leave without dying and manages to banish the two angels who show up. With Sam near death and unable to do anything, Ezekiel offers a "bad" solution: he possesses Sam. Doing so would allow him to heal Sam from the inside while recuperating from his own injuries. After showing Dean how close Sam is to giving up, Ezekiel takes on Dean's form and enters Sam's mind, convincing him to say "Yes" to him. Ezekiel possesses Sam and leaves the hospital with Dean, leaving his previous vessel there with no memory of what happened. Ezekiel decides to let Sam remain in control of his body while he hides away in his mind, but warns Dean that Sam must not know until he can accept it or he will be able to eject the angel from him, especially in Ezekiel's weakened state. Ezekiel and Dean decide to erase Sam's memory of his near-death experience and Ezekiel gives Sam back control.

Devil May Care

When Sam is knocked out by three demons, Ezekiel takes control of his body and displays what's left of his wings, and kills them with his light. He uses the Demon-killing knife to avoid questions when Sam wakes up. Ezekiel's presence causes Abaddon to flee and he and Dean discuss the situation with Dean admitting that he feels guilty about all the deaths that have happened as he stopped Sam from sealing up Hell. Ezekiel tells Dean that he understands that he did it to save Sam and that he loves his brother a lot from being in Sam's mind and keeps Sam from knowing what happened while he was knocked out after he gives up control again, having used the knife to kill the demons so Dean could explain away their deaths.


Ezekiel seems to be more like the stereotypical interpretation of an angel, as he is humble and polite as opposed to being arrogant and condescending like many other angels. He sees angels as beings of compassion, not wrath. He speaks with a calm, soothing voice and seems extremely pacifistic, but will engage in violence if necessary. When Dean informs Castiel of Ezekiel's appearance, Castiel calls him a good soldier and believes he can be trusted, Castiel also implies they're friends. Ezekiel also proves to be quite inteligent, using the demon killing knife instead of smiting the three demons, so Sam wouldn't be suspicious of their deaths. He also seems somewhat annoyed at being called Zeke.

Powers & Abilities

Ezekiel possessed the common powers of an angel. According to him, he was severely hurt when he fell. Thus, he was weaker than another fallen angel he fought against. Despite this, he was still capable of fighting off and defeating three demons in physically powerful human hosts.

  • Immortality - Ezekiel's powers render his vessel exempt from age and disease.
  • Invulnerability - Ezekiel's power renders his vessel unable to be killed by conventional melee weapons. However in his weakened state he is susceptipal to blunt force.
  • Super Strength - Ezekiel's powers endow his vessel with physical strength superior to that of lesser demons and humans, able to overpower three demons at once. However, in his weakened state, he was no match for another angel.
  • Regeneration - Ezekiel heals his vessel's wounds, even mortal ones, in moments. Using this power, he can heal a vessel of damage even to the subatomic level while at the same time healing himself.
  • Healing - Ezekiel can cure the bodily wounds and illnesses suffered by others, even those of a supernatural origin. However, in his weakened state if the person he is healing is weak as he is, he is not able to do this.
  • Electronic Manipulation - Ezekiel caused the alarms on a machine connected to Sam to turn off with just a wave of his hand.
  • Memory Manipulation - Ezekiel erased the Sam's memory that he meet Ezekiel in his mind, and gave Ezekiel permission to possess his body.
  • Possession - As an angel, Ezekiel needs a willing living human vessel to physically exist on Earth. As of right now, Ezekiel is possessing Sam Winchester's body to keep him alive. 
  • Teleportation - Normally Ezekiel can instantaneously travel from one place to another without occupying the space inbetween. Because he is fallen, he can no longer travel like this. 
  • Telepathy - Ezekiel can tap into "angel radio" as well as read the minds of humans, but only with physical contact. By placing a hand on two persons, he can let the first person listen to the thoughts of the second.
  • Astral Projection - Ezekiel is able to display the remains of his wings, causing a massive flash of white light.



  • The biblical Ezekiel was a Hebrew prophet of the 6th century BC who was exiled to Babylon in 587 or 597 BC and called for the Jews there to return to godliness and faith. He is the author of the Book of Ezekiel, which is named after him.
  • Ezekiel's name is Hebrew for "God Strengthens".
  • Ezekiel's angelic shadow form can be seen behind Sam on the barn in the Season 9 poster as well.
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