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The Exsanguination Spell is a powerful spell that causes the victim to bleed to death.


At some point, witch Rowena MacLeod taught Sam this spell.

In 2019, while being forced to aid the Witch Mother and her daughters, Sam discreetly made the hex bag for the spell using Rowena's magical stash. After tackling the Witch Mother off of Dean, Sam pinned her down, stuffed the hex bag into her mouth and cast the spell. The Witch Mother subsequently bled to death, leaving Dean impressed with Sam's use of the spell against the witch.


The spell requires the creation of a small hex bag that must be stuffed in the victim's mouth. The caster must then recite the following incantation:

O, Ichor, igne putrefaciatur, ex sanguine flagrante, te invoco!

The person the spell is cast upon will immediately begin to bleed out from their eyes and nose until they die within a short period of time.

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