Exodus is the 22nd episode of Season 13. It aired on May 10, 2018.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean devise a plan that will save innocent lives. Meanwhile, Jack continues to wrestle with the consequences of his decisions.


Jack is shocked to meet his father, as the latter approached him. However, an agitated Dean stopped this by telling Jack not to approach or talk to him as he ordered Gabriel to kill Lucifer. An argument ensues, with Lucifer stating Gabriel is too weak and shouting to the group that he brought Sam back so they owe him. As this happens, Jack teleports himself away after becoming upset in the process. Dean criticizes Lucifer while the latter states they need him for fighting Michael. Cass agrees to his offer but places Supernatural Handcuffs on Lucifer who complies. In a forest, Jack thinks back on his mother's words and pondered on what to think of Lucifer.

Bobby tells the boys that everyone, himself included have decided to evacuate with them to Earth. Though relieved, they wonder how to move out before Dean spots an old bus and asks Bobby about it. Spending the next few hours, they repair the vehicle to get it moving and are successful. Dean has Lucifer drive while Gabriel is confused by this choice but Dean says Cass is watching him. Sam helps everyone load up before he notices Jack walking off and asks Jack where he is going Jack wanted to kill Michael before he left as Sam tries to talk him out of it but to no avail. Lucifer notices this and goes to talk with his son him out of it and Jack is swayed when Lucifer intervenes since his plan was dangerous and he conceded.

SPN 1677

The evacuation begins.

Using the bus and land vehicle, the group arrive at the rift which they see is closing and become worried. On the other side, Rowena finds the spell in prolonging it and is able to keep it open for the group.

The Winchesters see this and order everyone to form a single file before they cross over. Arthur jumps through first and shares a glance with Rowena who is not too fazed to see him as more survivors cross over, including Mary, Bobby, Jack, and Castiel. Charlie shares a friendly banter with Sam and Dean as she crosses over. Lucifer tries to go next but Sam stops him as he is needed to remain with Gabriel in case something happens.

Michael's Wings (Apocalypse World)

Michael arrives at the rift.

After most everyone is through the rift, Michael suddenly flies in in the form of an angelic comet, his explosive landing killing Andy and two other hunters. Walking away from the scene, Michael greets his surprised foes who are at a loss of words at finally seeing him in person. Lucifer confronts Michael who taunts him over his previous defeat and the latter hits him with an energy blast, knocking Michael back slightly, but otherwise leaving him unharmed. Michael returns fire with two energy blasts of his own, knocking Lucifer to the ground and severely weakening him. This display leaves the spectators in shock as Michael walks past the fallen Lucifer.

(Apocalypse World) Michael kills Gabriel

Michael kills Gabriel

Turning his attention to the rift, Michael stops after being surprised to recognize Gabriel. Gabriel orders the Winchesters, the last ones left, to go while he buys them some time. Despite their objections, Gabriel chooses to fight instead of running as he has always done in the past. Both Gabriel and Michael draw archangel blades and engage in hand-to-hand combat. Though Gabriel lands a few hits on Michael, he proves to be no match for the stronger archangel. Michael quickly overpowers Gabriel and stabs him in the abdomen with his archangel blade, killing Gabriel to Sam and Dean's horror.

At Sam's urging, Dean quickly heads through the rift before Sam goes through, he realizes that the weakened Lucifer is trying to follow him and physically restrains him with Lucifer too weak to shake off Sam's hold. Though Lucifer begs Sam to let him go as he's wounded, Sam asks how Lucifer thought it would end and shoves the weakened archangel to the ground.

Michael turns his attention to Sam, who enters the rift. With the Winchesters having crossed over, Rowena is able to stop her prolonging spell. Michael races to the rift, but the rift closes before he can reach it, trapping Lucifer and Michael in Apocalypse World.

With the refugees having reached safety in the Main Universe, they celebrate their newfound safety and freedom. Sam thanks Rowena for her actions while stating he owes her as she has she will collect very soon as they share a drink. Sam and Dean then inform Castiel of his brother's sacrifice though assure him that Gabriel practically saved them from certain death. Castiel inquires about Lucifer as Dean states Sam handled it. Bobby announces a toast to Sam and Dean before he vows that someday they will return to their world and free everyone that is left. As this happens, Jack is sulking about his father.

Meanwhile in Apocalypse World, Gabriel's dead vessel is seen on the ground as Michael and Lucifer are conversing. Michael is skeptical of Lucifer's trustworthiness but the latter told Michael of the ingredients for the ritual and they can cross over together. Michael asked what Lucifer wanted, the latter wanted his son while Michael states he gets everything else and questioned if they had a deal while Lucifer is seen with a look of regret on his face.


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Supernatural 13x22 Promo "Exodus" (HD) Season 13 Episode 22 Promo

Supernatural 13x22 Promo "Exodus" (HD) Season 13 Episode 22 Promo

Supernatural 13x22 Sneak Peek "Exodus" (HD) Season 13 Episode 22 Sneak Peek

Supernatural 13x22 Sneak Peek "Exodus" (HD) Season 13 Episode 22 Sneak Peek

Supernatural 13x22 Inside "Exodus" (HD) Season 13 Episode 22 Inside

Supernatural 13x22 Inside "Exodus" (HD) Season 13 Episode 22 Inside



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