This unnamed demon served as Crowley's executioner upon Crowley's return to ruling Hell.


In Soul Survivor, after returning to the throne of Hell, Crowley began passing summary judgment upon other demons who had wronged him in some way. As part of this, he had this demon standing by armed with an angel blade to immediately execute those Crowley passed a death sentence upon.

The demon stood by as Crowley read the charges against an Abaddon loyalist and summarily sentenced the demon to death for treason. The executioner demon immediately stabbed the demon Crowley had pronounced sentence upon in the chest with his angel blade, killing the demon.

After Crowley summarily sentenced another demon without bothering to go over his charges, the executioner demon prepared to kill the demon only to be interrupted by the Suicidal Demon. This demon backed away when the Suicidal Demon drew a flask of holy oil and watched in horror along with everyone else as the other demon immolated himself in front of Crowley's throne.

Powers and Abilities

This demon appeared to be a regular low-level demon with the powers of one.


As a regular low-level demon, he possessed all the weaknesses of one.

  • Higher-Tier Demons - As a regular low-level demon, he was subservient to and weaker than higher level demons.



  • This demon was grinning when Crowley passed sentence upon the Executed Demon and when he performed the execution, suggesting the demon greatly enjoyed his job.
  • A close look at the demon's angel blade before the execution he carried out shows blood on it. This suggests that the demon had performed one or more executions before the one shown on screen.
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