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Everlasting Love is the eighth episode of Supernatural: The Animation.


Sam and Dean begin investigating a case in Chicago involving deaths of young blonde women, who have had their organs removed. Every 15 years, three women are killed, and the brothers initially suspect a demon to be involved.

The police chief reveals to the brothers that a fingerprint was found on the body of one of the victims, but it belongs to a woman named Abigail Sullivan, who died in a car accident in 1962. The brothers decide to visit Abigail's husband, Dr. Richard Sullivan.

The doctor explains to them that 50 years ago, on the first anniversary of his marriage, his wife died of massive internal injuries at the hospital. The moment taught him the value and importance of life. Richard has been trying to move on since then.

Richard and Michelle.

The three are interrupted by the arrival of a woman named Michelle, Richard's new wife. Richard says she's sick and urges her to go back to bed. Richard then tells the brothers that living alone can be extremely lonely, so he remarried.

Back at their motel, Sam shows suspicion. He notes that Michelle wears cologne, yet sick people are allergic to it. Sam deduces that she wears it to hide the smell of something else. Sam calls Bobby to check on Abigail's grave in California.

Bobby digs it up and confirms that it is empty, with a photograph inside. Bobby scans it and the brothers notice how great a resemblance Abigail has with Michelle, leading the brothers to believe they are the same person, and Michelle, aka Abigail, is the serial killer, which explains why she is stealing organs, so she can sustain her own life.

At night, Sam and Dean stalk the killer and force her to reveal herself, but the killer turns out not to be Abigail, but Richard, who suspected the brothers would find out. Richard explains his undying love pushed him to bring Abigail back, which he believed to be possible because of his skills. Unfortunately, the organs last only 15 years, forcing him to kill again.

Sam and Dean believe Richard to be insane, triggering Richard to take Sam hostage. Just then, Abigail arrives and admits to knowing about the killings, having witnessed it at one time. She admits to feeling bad about all of it, and uses Richard's gun to commit suicide.

Police later arrive and arrest Richard, while Sam and Dean look on.



  • This is an anime-only episode.
  • This episode shares some of its ideas with Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things and Time Is On My Side, which features the resurrection of a loved one and the use of organs to sustain life, respectively. Also, similar to Doc Benton, of Time Is On My Side, Richard used scientific methods to grant Abigail her immortality, rather supernatural forces.


  • Dean (upon seeing Michelle) : My god she's gorgeous, right Sam?