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Eve was one of the first humans in existence, along with Adam, both of whom resided in the Garden of Eden.


Eve was created by God to be Adam's wife. God's only rule to them was that they must not eat the forbidden fruit. God then entrusted the angel Gadreel with protecting them from evil, specifically Lucifer, who resented humans.

Lucifer later tricked Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit and thus, the pair were expelled from the Garden, leading to the Fall of Man. According to Adam himself, after being kicked out, Adam and Eve felt that they deserved it at first.

Adam and Eve would later have several children, most notably their two first sons, named Cain and Abel, whose descendants would populate the whole Earth.

After Jack, Lucifer's Nephilim son, enters the Occultum, he is transported to the Garden of Eden where he meets a mysterious young girl. After the girl identifies where they are, Jack asks if she means like Adam and Eve which the girl confirms, stating that God had greatly loved them -- his prized creations -- and hid the Garden of Eden after the exile of humanity and sealed it off from any human ever entering it again.

While seeking out the final part of the plan to kill God, Jack and Dean meet Adam himself who has been kept alive for 300,000 years by the angel Serafina. Adam implies that he and Eve are no longer together, but makes no mention of what actually became of her.


Trivia []

  • This is the second Eve in the series, the first being a powerful entity of the same name, who ironically happens to be the mother of all monsters.
  • According to some Jewish lore, after Cain's murder of Abel, Adam and Eve had a third son named Seth. Eve believed Seth was a replacement for Abel.
  • In Destiny's Child, the nature of the girl and the Snake that Jack met in the Garden of Eden remain unknown.
    • However, it is very ironic that Amélie Eve is the name of the actress, which may be a possible hint that the girl could be Eve or her manifestation left in the memory of the Garden.
  • In Unity, Adam implies that he is no longer with Eve.