Evan was a teenager living in Grand Junction, Colorado.


Evan lived in Grand Junction and was best friends with Shawn Raider and Mike Raimos. The three were described as "inseparable." One night, Evan dared his two friends to enter the haunted Meadows' house. Though Mike chickened out, Shawn reluctantly agreed to join Evan.

While making their way through the Meadows' house, Evan was the more enthusiastic of the two and pressured the reluctant Shawn to explore the house with him. After finding Doctor Avery Meadows' plague masks, Evan made Shawn steal one. The two were then startled by the sound of creepy voices in the house and attempted to flee. At the bottom of the stairs, Evan and Shawn were attacked by the ghost of Doctor Meadows who wounded Shawn in the head with a drill before turning on Evan. Meadows drilled into Evan's head, killing him and hid his body in his home. Evan went on to become a ghost himself, trapped in the house with Meadows and all of his victims.

Evan's "disappearance" along with the traumatized Shawn claiming that they were attacked by a monster drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester. The Winchesters eventually destroyed Meadows, but not before Shawn was murdered as well. Following Shawn's death, he and Evan were reunited as ghosts but remained trapped in the house with Meadows' other victims. After Dean made a deal with Billie, now the new Death, the Reaper Jessica was sent to the house to free the souls trapped there. Amongst those who ascended to Heaven with Jessica's help were Evan and Shawn who sat next to each other listening to Jessica speak.

Having learned the location of everyone's bodies from Shawn's ghost, the Winchesters were able to locate them. No longer needing to salt and burn the remains to put the ghosts to rest, the Winchesters alerted the authorities who recovered the bodies of Evan, Shawn and all of Meadows' other victims to be returned to their families for proper burial.


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