Evan is a young boy living in Medford, Wisconsin.


One day, Evan, with his father went to Cooper's Circus together they entered the fun house. Evan is playing a videogame, not showing any interest in the fun house. As Evan continues to walk through the fun house, he notices a clown in one of the mirrors waving to him. Evan tells his dad that he saw a clown and looks scared. His dad tries to calm him down by telling him that clowns are his friends and that there's nothing to be scared of.

The next morning at Evan's house, Evan walks into his parents' room, waking his dad up. "Dad, you were right, he is my friend." Looking at up Evan, his dad sees the evil clown standing at his bedside holding Evan's hand and starts screaming. The clown then killed both of Evan's parents.


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