Etta Fraser is a resident of Gunnison, Colorado.


Etta is only person still alive in the town who was a witness during the disappearances of 1989. In order to find out more about the disappearances currently happening in 2016, Sam and Dean Winchester go to visit Etta at her house.

Etta reveals to the brothers that her second husband Pete was one of the people who disappeared nearly thirty years ago, however, she assumed he had run off with two women: Doris Kagen and Missy Petersen, and that she had only been married to him for a couple of months.

Sam notes that Melissa also went missing too, though Etta doesn't take it seriously. She reported the three missing after they had been gone for three days. She believed her husband was dead in a ditch somewhere.

Sam then notices white sage in her room. Etta smiles flirtatiously in response, noting that Sam does indeed "know his herbs". This causes the brothers to feel awkward. When Dean points out the suitcases in the hall as a chance Etta might be leaving, Etta admits that she's taking a trip to go be with her sister for a few weeks. She believes a tale from her grandmother that once in a generation, around the spring equinox, people in the town start going crazy and having orgies in the woods before disappearing.

Although she does dismiss the tale somewhat, the re-emergence of disappearances this year have convinced her to burn sage for protection. Etta adds that those affected develop "the chitters", since it is a sound her grandmother heard coming from the woods when the orgies occurred. She described it as a kind of "buzzing, rattling".

When Dean asks about green eyes, Etta confirms that those affected would also develop eyes that shine like emeralds. While she says this, she gazes affectionately at Sam. The brothers decide to leave the house when Etta licks her lips in a suggestive manner.



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