Esper was an angel under Naomi's command.


Season 8Edit

Esper was one of the angels who worked with the intelligence department of Heaven, and thus, was held privy to most of Heaven's operations that were kept secret from lower angels. He and Ion were tasked with finding Castiel and recovering the Angel tablet. But they were repeatedly thwarted by Castiel's cunning. They finally managed to capture Castiel by massacring the people inside a Biggerson's location, which lured Castiel to the place and kept him from teleporting to another location. Just as Naomi began torturing Castiel on the tablet's whereabouts, Crowley arrived and killed Esper with a bullet made from an Angel Blade.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Esper possessed the standard abilities of a regular angel.


  • Angel Blades - An angel blade could kill Esper.
    • Bullets - Melted angel blade forged into bullets killed Esper.



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