Eric Kripke was a human living in the Alternate Earth, where he was the creator and original showrunner of a television series called Supernatural, which narrated the life of Sam and Dean Winchester. Sam and Dean encountered the series and its set and producers when Balthazar sent them into the alternate reality to keep Virgil, and by extension, the archangel Raphael, from taking hold of Heaven's Weapons.

Eric Kripke was often described and hinted to be close to the actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, respectively the actors for Sam and Dean, and was called upon by Sera Gamble and Robert Singer to intervene in the problem in the set of the show. Sera and Robert were referring to the odd behaviors and actions of Sam and Dean, or, from their perspective, Jared and Jensen. Eric arrived in the set of the show to try to talk to Sam and Dean into solving their issues. Before he could do so, however, Eric was repeatedly shot by Virgil, who arrived to retrieve the key from the Winchesters and to return to the original reality they came from.



  • Like most of the characters seen on the episode The French Mistake, Eric Kripke is based on the eponymous real-life creator and original showrunner of Supernatural.
  • The character Eric's close contact with the set reflects the real Eric's current ties with the show, where he remains to be an executive consultant.
  • Strangely, Eric seemed to possess a very high pain tolerance, as he continued to advance toward Virgil, unbothered, after being shot twice. It wasn't until the third and final shot that he actually went down.


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