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I grew up on horror films. My dad (who was also a big horror buff) let my sister Julie and me watch THE EXORCIST at a shockingly young age. It terrified me. But also left such an indelible mark that it really my informed my sensibility as a writer. So... thanks Dad?
— Eric Charmelo

Eric Charmelo is a writer who joined Supernatural in Season 6. His writing partner is Nicole Snyder, both of whom later departed to develop the CW's Ringer. Following Ringer's cancellation Snyder and Charmelo returned to their writing positions on Supernatural in Season 9 with the addition of becoming co-executive producers. With the end of Season 11, Charmelo and Snyder took their leave of Supernatural once more.

He has previously written episodes of Love You To Death, and the movie Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber.


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