Eremiel is an angel that acted as a guard to the Heavenly Portal.


Jack in the Box 15

Eremiel approached by Castiel

When Castiel returns to the Heavenly Portal after discovering Jack's actions on Earth, he finds Eremiel guarding it. Castiel demands that Eremiel open the portal for him, but Eremiel refuses his brother's request, stating that he has orders that Heaven is now closed to Castiel. When Castiel insists, Eremiel draws an angel blade, but is defeated by Castiel and forced to let him into Heaven.

In Heaven, Eremiel enters the throne room to the annoyance of Duma before Castiel reveals himself behind Eremiel and throws the other angel aside. Eremiel accompanies Castiel and Duma out into the hall where Castiel confronts Duma about using Jack to solidify her control over Heaven. Duma signals Eremiel to leave them alone as she and Castiel face off, ending with Castiel killing Duma for threatening the souls of John and Mary Winchester.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Eremiel appeared to be a regular angel with all the powers of one.


Eremiel possesses all the weaknesses of a regular angel.

  • Seraphim - Castiel easily beat Eremiel in a fight, forced Eremiel to let him into Heaven and then effortlessly threw Eremiel across a room when done with him.



  • On the Season 14 DVD, an extended version of the confrontation between Castiel and Eremiel is shown as a deleted scene. The scene shows how Eremiel was overpowered relatively effortlessly by Castiel after a short fight and was then thrown into the sandbox containing the closed Heavenly Portal. As the scene ended, Castiel was shown standing over Eremiel smugly.
  • He was one of the few angels to fight Castiel and not be killed by him.
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